Friday, April 30, 2010

To all those who are paticipating actively in this movement to ascertain its progress.

My dear friend,

I would be happy if you could kindly persuade your friends to propagate theme of 'Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood" at and around them as we have done amongst ourselves and in our neighborhood and later to persuade their friends in the same manner who are on net-working keeping record of their particulars with them so that its progress could be accelerated. I have full faith in your wisdom. Kindly keep on writing to me on my email address so that we could have good interaction amongst ourselves. I would be extremely happy if you could kindly give me the figures who have been contacted & convinced, so far about theme of this movement to ascertain its progress.May God bless you wih all grand success in your endeavor!
With humble wishes,
Yours Truly,
Bishwa Nath Singh.

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  1. I M delighted to see the substance and its heave.fabulous Bishwa ji .. the iconic u emerge through best wishes..


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