Monday, July 12, 2010

An imortant circular to all its followers.

All followers of 'Global Peace and Universal Brotherhood".
You are requested to complete your Profile by furnishing all your particulars in a tabular form already given and affix your own Photo, if not done so far and accept my invitation to be friend of mine on this blog to facilitate to talk to you at times as and when required for follow-up action.
If the first task of motivating your family members and neighbors to spread the message of 'Love, love,peace & universal Brotherhood" are over, you can very easily switch over to motivate your friends firstly those connected with net working to take up the cause as in chain manner and can keep a record as nodal person of your group for follow up ensuring that the chain does not break and continue intact.
Hope, it is clear to you. Your sincere efforts are bound to help all of us in achieving its Herculean task of reaching even last person of the world motivating him/her with its salient features for noble cause.
Let me convey my heartiest greetings and humble wishes to all of you!
Wish all of you good-luck and all success,
Yours cordially,
Bishwa Nath Singh,

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