Monday, June 6, 2011

A clarity on wisdom and understanding as envisaged by me and flashed on the f.b. on June 4,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh:

One must be very clear about wisdom and understanding in our life.Wisdom is acquired through education and experience while understanding is how one has decoded things.. Understanding is compromising while wisdom is having an open source thinking capability where some one can get.

( Picture of Lord Krishna seen delivering sermon to Warrior Arjuna)

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Bishwa Nath Singh:

Wisdom is our internal knowledge which helps us in our differentiation between good and bad but understanding is our compromising nature, the manner in which we deal others.Understanding is compromising, while wisdom is having an open source thinking capability where some one can get.What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom? Most people think that wisdom and knowledge is the same thing but actually they are two different sides of the same coin. It is important that we must have clarity to be aware of difference between Information and knowledge resources.. Wisdom is what we can do here whereas knowledge is gained experience and wisdom.Let us join to pay our humble obeisance to the lotus feet of Lord Krishna who is adored for His wisdom!

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Ak Shrivastava :
BN,.You've brought up the difference between wisdom which is our internal knowledge and understanding, which is our interpretation of this wisdom. It is also right to call them two faces of the same coin, but, as you said, one must have ...the clarity tobe aware of the difference between the two. Krishna stands for wisdom and diplomacy,,,,,,,,,,he is the observer who does not get involved....just observes from a distance, dispassionately and without being involved.

Kaushal Bansal:

Bishwa Nath Singh

‎@ AK Shrivastava!Had understanding not been there, you could not have raised this point and here lies the difference though wisdom and happiness are the two faces of same coin!


June 4,2011

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