Thursday, June 2, 2011

True meaning of love as flashed on the f.b on June 2,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh:
Well, one must remember that when love is in the air he/she should celebrate the moments of life and laughter with care, love and restraint where the love takes him/her to a long and difficult journey into the mountains of love and valleys of eternal romance.


(Photo of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha Rani)

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Bishwa Nath Singh:

Let our soul fly like a free bird flying in air, mountains, valleys and everywhere with great ease that lately fall in the arms of one’s beloved and softly say "that he/she loves one immensely! Though, one’s romantic Ideas and journey on the path of love are simply tempting. So, it’s better that one should get addicted to the dose of love that will mesmerize him/her so that at end, he/she can learn inherent message hidden behind love as Lord Krishna had experimented on Goddess Radha Rani who became an idol of love, passion and wisdom. It's right time for all of us to remember our savior and pay our humble obeisance to His lotus feet for all the favor He has done to us.


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Amar Singh Rana :
Sir Bishwanath Nath Singh ji Jai Deva..It is correct these like ideas attracts and allure our thoughts pleasantly conveyed by mn budhi chitt ahunkar kaam krodh lobh moh, and maya to cojntinuously styay to remain in this Marituulok.. Sorry point out that it is our practical experience that thoughts covering such like ideas, 100% lead life to become in the next rebirth after leaving the present physical body... as preat.... It is the creation of Mn Budhi chitt ahunkar kaam krodh. etc.Beware.. sir..control your mn budhi chitt ahunkar, kaam krodh lobh moh maya slowly and steadily.... We are putting this advise to your good honor, at your own instance..sir... Excuse.. from saying the truth... Thanks...AMAR SINGH RANA PARMSANT PARAMGURU THE REALITY.

Kay Salady:

If I only knew which mountains and valleys to cross . . .

Bishwa Nath Singh:

‎@Kay Salady!Everyone has his/her own meaning of life. Actually we all hold a personal meaning of every thing. Even when we are taught in a class, each students understands things in a way that agree to his/her personal views and thinking. So, this is also the case that one can overcome miseries by lending hands of friendship to others and be asset to humanity for doing well to others.

Kay Salady:
Dear Mister Singh, I certainly hope you find me to be an asset to humanity.


June 2,2011.

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