Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How life could be best defined is flashed by me on the f.b of June 1,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh
Life is termed as a precious gift of nature with a purposeful meaning. Life is an eventful journey with a number of pleasant surprises at every point. Life is a wonder that is why after being here for so many years, we are still uncertain about Life is itself a question and an answer.


(Photo of Lord Krishna)

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Bishwa Nath Singh:

Life to me is a state of awareness. We live and enjoy till we are aware of our existence and the day we loose this sense and understanding of life, we move outside the periphery of life.Every one of us often complain on things that happen d...uring this journey of awareness, indicating that there has been some misunderstanding between the life and oneself. One who is leading a blissful life is certainly a lucky one. Life is series of events that occur one after the other. Some of these events are certain and sure to take place like birth, survival and death. These are the events that take place in everyone's life, whether rich or poor, good or bad, man or woman, cattle or wild life. We are fully aware that they take place just but because of their life and therefore life have an element of uncertainty that is the best ingredient of life which makes it more interesting and entertaining. Certainty although looks good but if this element certainty replaces uncertainty in our life it will definitely make life worse. We won't be speculating, we won't be enjoying things as we won't find anything enjoyable in all these happenings around us at all. As all that happened was already identifiable altogether. What is the fun in watching a game for one where he/she ids aware as who will be the winner and the looser. Game is a game where both the teams work hard to be a winner. Even if a team is stronger and hard working it isn't always going to win the game. This uncertainty makes us keen to watch the game. This uncertainty is visible .This occupies all the professions, acts and phenomenon of this universe. Take any profession whether its medical science, engineering, farming, marketing, banking and rest, there are always probabilities, trends, and facts in support but not the conclusion. They all conclude that if things go right we can achieve this thing or this will happen. Everyone waits and watches till the completion of task to see the final outcome.Many of us with a pessimistic view may not wish that this could be the truth. They think when there is no certainty and every thing is uncertain then how can they think of welfare, of good results, of peace, of happiness. Well, I think they may be right from pessimistic point of view on uncertainty in life but actually this is something to cheer up on.Life and nature provides this as an option to give us a second chance to do things to our utmost satisfaction because results will only affirm the same. There are several occasions in life when things become really gloomy and there is no way to find a ray of light. Here, at some moment things may dramatically change because there is no guarantee that such things won't happen. This uncertainty gives life to life, a reason for everyone to smile. Life is a game of certainty versus uncertainty. One never knows as who will win and loose a particular game. Therefore, it is worth enjoying the game of life without looking at the outcome. Bhagavad Gita is a part of ancient Sanskrit text from 'Mahabharata". It has a deep rooted philosophy on all aspects of our life. All of us here on this planet are actually searching for happiness and meaning of life, that is why we do things one after the other and are always busy. We are busy because we haven't yet completed our task and we will remain busy till we find a satisfactory answer for either happiness or meaning of life. Our search for such answers actually takes us to more and more unresolved question and thus this life cycle continues. All these problems and endless search can be attributed to our multidimensional logical power of our brain. So, once our brain ceases to perform all our semidiurnal problems and searches also cease.Let us be thankful to God who has guided us to survive well in our life and rise to help mankind as whole for cause of humanity taking it as an ordeal of the Almighty God who is none else than Lord Krishna!


June 1,2011

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