Saturday, February 12, 2011

My another thought for the day as envisaged & flashed by me on the f.b. on Feb.13,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh

Can’t we derive lesson from the character of Lord Krishna, Lord of Dwaraka of India and Sudama, Lord of Poverty as how lovingly one ought be to each other even in great diversities ?One must emulate their character in his/her life as in friendship ,none is superior and inferior as everybody are alike.


( Photo of Lord Krishna washing feet of Sudama that shows His greatness)

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Anil Kumar :
Lord SriKrishna avam Sudama ki dosti aaj bhi Example hai.

.Bishwa Nath Singh :
It's my another thought of the day that I would like to share with every body. The legend goes that Sudama lived a self sufficient life--taking the name of the Lord.His wife Sushila was an extremely pious woman, intelligent, with good tho...ughts and devoted in the service of her husband. One day Sudama said that Krishna was his friend keeps giving great advice.Sushila said Lord Krishna is lotus eyed, one who frees us from all sadness and has a forehead adorned by tilak, wearing ear rings, forehead wearing a crown, wearing yellow dress with Konch and Sudarashan Chakra in his hands and emancipator of all. She reminded her husband who himself had said that both of you were students of Sandeepani Maharshi. He is the Lord of Dwaraka, we are the lords of poverty. If you go to Dwaraka, Lord Krishna may help us out of poverty. Firstly Sudama was reluctant but he went to Dwaraka on his wife persistent requests bare footed with torn clothes and little rice that his had borrowed from her neighbour to be presented to Lord Krishna as their present. When Sudama reached his palace in Dwaraka, firstly he was not allowed by courtiers but on his persistent request, when the message was conveyed to Lord Krishna about arrival of a poor man bare footed with torn clothes who call himself as Sudama, Lord Krishna rushed up and held Sudama in his arms and gave rousing reception to Sudama by washing his feet and accorded warm welcome to him on his arrival in Palace. Lord Krishna snatched rice that Sudama was stealing and accepted with great affection and without disclosing Sudama,Lord Krishna got constructed Palatial building for Sudama and his family at his native place and made them rich overnight without disclosing any thing to Sudama. Their character are super worth emulating by all of us as none is inferior or superior in friendships and one must help other without making any fuss of it.

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Anil Kumar Dost ho to krishna jaisa. Dosti ko Naman.

Ak Shrivastava :
Any Neta, or Politician, or Minister will gladly do all this if you assure him that it will be telecast at prime time on all the news channels of the world......specially, his constituency.......

.Bishwa Nath Singh :
‎@A.K.Srivastava.It is because of this reason that one must imbibe character of Lord Krishna and Sudama in his /her life as what a friendship truly means to them that I had chosen to flash it so that all could emulate their character in their life to make them purposeful

Chandan Singh Bhati :
bahoot khooob....suprabhat

Bishwa Nath Singh :
‎@ Chandan Ji! Fine morning to you.



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