Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Aims & Objects,theme & meas to accelerate & lead to 'Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood" a success.

(A) Aims & objectives:

To ease & overcome tension prevailing round the world, hatred being spread amongst people by miscreants, loot & murders have become rampant, ethical & moral values are diminishing all throughout the world and terrorism are at rampant.

(B) Themes:
To bring transformation in all living –being of this world through spreading message & propagating "Love, love & Peace at & around and to spread & propagate Brotherhood amongst masses to overcome all those menace facing the world till we reach to the last person of the universe.

(C) How to accelerate:

It is expected from all of us to come forward and persuade all our friends/well-wishers to actively participate in the holy & godly movement 'Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood" to accomplish its very theme of “Love, love & Peace at & around and spread & propagate message of Brotherhood amongst others” such as their friends/well-wishers” that is how we can move ahead and collect their particulars such as Name, Sex, Address, Nationality, email address/Mobile No. etc. and keep a record and ensure that the chain continues by them uninterrupted.

There are no dearth of good people at & around but the only thing is as how many of us are concerned on such issues that is the point as we have become so self-centered grossly engaged for our own interest hardly caring interest for others. The human rights are for all not for any individual. Any one when he feels that in his/her case, there has been violation of it, he/she is free to move to the commission to redress. If one takes lead for a common cause, the strength of actual supporters will be very few at times dismal. Many of you are aware that just to bring awareness and propagate to bring love & Peace around and to spread message of brotherhood all through out the universe specially at a time when tension ,war like situation, ,atrocities, murders, terrorist nefarious activities etc- al vices are at rampant ,a movement called "Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood" has been launched with kind cooperation of friends/well-wishers/relations to spread it through net-working to all till it reaches to the last family of the globe but it is being noticed that active participants are not turning up in large numbers though it is a very pious & Godly movement directly & indirectly all are affected where every body ought to have participated actively to carry out this noble work during leisurely hours to bring perfection in it and that is the tragedy. Let us hope that good sense will prevail amongst all and each one of us will strive hard to carry out social-services without any personal gain.

(D) Request to all my friends/well-wishers:-

My dear friends, you are most welcome to go to planet together subject to ensure a dream of my life translated in to reality by striving hard to make 'Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood' a success. Kindly ensure firstly to display it prominently on a Website & Web Page & later on, persuading your friends/well-wishers/relations to enroll themselves with a pledge to voluntary spreading the message of love & peace at & around by shunning their differences, if any and later for for establishing brotherhood relationship amongst their friends/well-wishers by net-working. I know that you remain awfully busy with tightened up your schedule, but you can spare some time to accomplish it remembering a well-known thought that where there is wiil, there is way out. Certainly, I count on you & hopefully wishing you to strengthen my hands. May God bless you with all success!

An Active participation of all is very sincerely urged. You will bear me out that well-begun is half done. The only request of mine will be to you to put it prominently on your face book page linking my Profile and request your friends to get them enrolled and actively participate in this holy movement to make it a success. Whatever suggestions you have, kindly email me so that they could be taken care of. May God bless us & all my esteemed friends to bear me out to make this holy movement having the noblest themes for cause of humanity a success in totality even in diversities!

Thanks my dear friend! Is it not need of hours to have love, peace & brotherhood relationship every where when one sees terrorist attacks, loots ,murders ,rapes & war like situation prevailing in most part of the world? It is because of these vices, just to redress them I had launched with kind cooperation of friends/well-wishers like you to propagate & spread message of 'Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood" in shape of a movement to reach even to the last family of the world through net-working. I wish your kind cooperation. Firstly (1) To give impetus, you must flash on your flash face book page prominently linking my Profile & events for impressing your friends/well-wishers to actively associate themselves with this Project depending on as how catchy &impressive you can workout & get it flashed (2)Enroll all of your friends/well-wishers as active participants by collecting their full particulars (3) To obtain pledge from them to ensure love & peace at and around where they are living and then to spread message of Universal brotherhood amongst their friends/well-wishers iin the same process(4)The chain has to continue till we bring transformation in all human-beings of the universe as Social reforms.(5) The first one who initiates this Project will be known as coordinator who will remain in touch with me for further course of action. I wish that the chain must be kept rolling and see that it moves on in the right direction. It is completely a Voluntary act need to be accomplished as destined by God by sparing some time & holidays for this noble cause. You will agree with me that no sooner, the work begins, it’s half done an there lies my deep anguish & anxieties. Truly speaking perhaps the God wanted me to initiate this Herculean task and that is why am here grossly embedded with this work. Once, it takes on and leaves ground level, you will see that People will take it as a movement and there won’t be any dearth of cooperation. Hope, it is very clear to you and certainly, it will motivate you to take e up this work very smilingly to accomplish herculean task ahead. In case of any difficulty, you may write to me on my email address; sribnsingh@gmail.com and can speak to me on my Mob. No. +919934957230.May God bless you!

I must make it very clear that it is voluntary movement with no fund and not even the slightest intention to raise any fund The quickest means to reach others will be through net working. I could appeal to all of my net-working friends to accept it as a challenge and ensure to reach as many people as possible convincing them to adhere to its theme and lend their support to make it a success.

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