Thursday, March 11, 2010

A clarification was sought.

Let me clear on the very onset that it is not a mission rather its movement. The reasons for launching were very well specified in my web. I don't wish any one to be follower of mine rather participants in the said movement. Since, I could not locate any specific column of Participants in my web anfd few who had already joined were enlisted in 'Follower" column, hence I had mentioned not because of any anterior motive. It was launched after holding discussions with many friends/well - wishers to overcome the greatest menace what our societies/states/nation/universe are facing today knowing fully well that it is a very Herculean task ahead. I hold the principle that where there is will, there is way out and well-begun is half done. It has been launched with very pious intention with malice to none. It is completely ethical, social & voluntary movement. Any one joining it will be most welcome as the caravan will keep on going. I am happy that I am getting good response. Trust, it finds you in cheers.

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