Monday, March 8, 2010

A rejoinder for ' Global Peace and Universal Brotherhood"

How nice of you to have been esteemed friend of mine! I could wish you all the best and request you to join by enrolling yourself with full particulars the movement that was launched earlier by me to ease & overcome tension prevailing round the world, hatred being spread amongst all, loot & murders have become rampant, ethical & moral values diminishing all throughout by strengthening our hands to make the movement of "Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood" a success and see its rolling on the right path in the right direction through networking –easiest & fastest way to reach all and improve lot at & around us till we reach to the last to bring transformation in all living –being of this world through spreading message & propagating "Love &Peace around and universally brotherhood to be spread globally" to overcome all those menace facing the world -the Herculean task to be accomplished as destined by the Almighty God. .May God bless all of us living in this world to make this movement globally a success by kind cooperation and participation of all through our sincere efforts and hard work to accomplish Godly perfection in to them ! I urge you to please visit my Profile & events and be part of this great movement having noble themes to be accomplished with help of friends like you.Kindly accept my heartiest greetings to you on this pious eve and join the tirade to bring perfection in you & all. You may kindly take down my email address; & Mob. No.:+91-9934957230 for future reference, if any and can pass on to me and let me have of yours to remaining touch with you.It is high time for all willing people who are humble children of God to join by enrolling themselves to be active participants to make the movement "Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood" a success through networking to accomplish its theme as destined by the Almighty God. May the Almighty God bless you with His bliss in your very long & happy life! Looking forward eagerly for your kind cooperation to make this movement a success

One must be wedded with social activities if he/she wants to accomplish great thing in his/her life and that is why I wish and request you and through you all your esteemed friends/well-wishers to shun their farce echo and actively participate in 'Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood” to lead it to a success and change from myth to reality" It is high time to begin with as we will kindly bear me out that well begun is half done.

Dear Friend, I have already translated not only my thoughts but of billions across this country for accelerating the movement “Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood”. Kindly see as how best you can help me in propagating it. Why do not you flash it on your Page book giving link of my Profile or events and invite your friends/well-wishers to take up this task of promoting it through networking as a noble task for cause of humanity? It is high time that you can also associate with it & see impressing on others too through your networking whenever you are free & find leisurely hours. I am sure that is is bound to give you an immense pleasure ,more you evolve in this pious & Godly work, more pleasure you will have. May God bless you! I shall be happy if you could strengthen my hands in spreading this message through net-working firstly amongst your own kith & kin and secondly amongst your friends & well-wishers enrolling them as active members and collecting their full particulars and taking a simple Pledge to work voluntarily to spread message of "Love, love & Peace at & around and to spread & propagate the message of Universal Brotherhood" through networking to reach as many people as one can and see that the chain continues unbroken. Though, it looks very simple but it is a Herculean task ahead. May God give us strength & courage to accomplish this noble thoughts & holy work with perfection!

I am overwhelmed by this kind & benevolence gesture of my esteemed friends with whose kind gesture and valuable cooperation the movement already launched globally” Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood" will get its face lift and move with fast speed in right direction achieving its inherent theme "Love, love & Peace around and spread & propagate Universal Brotherhood" amongst masses of the universe through Net-working by actively participating in it and persuading friends/well-wishers to do the same and like wise the chain has got to continue unbroken till it reaches to the last. May the Almighty God bless my young friend with all grand success in her long, happy, prosperous & blissful life!


  1. There are few friends from the face book that have mailed me their appreciations for this movement of 'Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood".I have requested them to record their comments in this website in 'Comments Column" and actively participate in it to make a success and become follower by filling all details in the follwer column.


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