Saturday, March 13, 2010

Your kind cooperatin highly solicited to make this movement a success!

There are no dearth of good people at & around but the only thing is as how many of us are concerned on such issues that is the point as we have become so self-centered grossly engaged for our own interest hardly caring interest for others. The human rights are for all not for any individual. Any one when he feels that in his/her case, there has been violation of it, he/she is free to move to the commission to redress. If one takes lead for a common cause, the strength of actual supporters will be very few at times dismal. Many of you are aware that just to bring awareness and propagate to bring love & Peace around and to spread message of brotherhood all through out the universe specially at a time when tension ,war like situation, ,atrocities, murders, terrorist nefarious activities etc- all vices are at rampant ,a movement called "Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood" has been launched with kind cooperation of friends/well-wishers/relations to spread it through net-working to all till it reaches to the last family of the globe but it is being noticed that active participants are not turning up in large numbers though it is a very pious & Godly movement directly & indirectly all are affected where every body ought to have participated actively to carry out this noble work during leisurely hours to bring perfection in it and that is the tragedy. Let us hope that good sense will prevail amongst all and each one of us will strive hard to carry out social-services without any personal gain.
Let me clear on the very onset that it is not a mission rather its movement. The reasons for launching were very well specified in my web. I don't wish any one to be follower of mine rather participants in the said movement. Since, I could not locate any specific column of Participants in my web and few who had already joined were enlisted in 'Follower" column, hence I had mentioned not because of any anterior motive. It was launched after holding discussions with many friends/well - wishers to overcome the greatest menace what our societies/states/nation/universe are facing today knowing fully well that it is a very Herculean task ahead. I hold the principle that where there is will, there is way out and well-begun is half done. It has been launched with very pious intention with malice to none. It is completely ethical, social & voluntary movement. Any one joining it will be most welcome as the caravan will keep on going. I am happy that I am getting good response. Trust, it finds you in cheers.

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