Saturday, March 27, 2010

As reagrds detail Profile of Active Members.

To ,
All active members of 'Global Peace and Universal Brotherhood".

Dear friends,
I will request to kindly furnish your all Particulars in a tabular form as appended below:
with humble wishes,
Yours Truly,
Bishwa Nath Singh

Sl. No Name Sex Age Nationality Present Address E-mail Address Mobile No.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

1 Mr.Bishwa Nath Singh Male 65 Indian S.O.B.No-6,Dalmianagar(Bihar)

2.Er. Nikhil Kumar SinghMale 27 Indian Kalka Ji, New Delhi


  1. An email received from Mr.Rajinder Nath Mehta regarding his particulars:

    From: rajinder nath mehta
    Sent: Mon, March 29, 2010 11:05:47 AM

    Dear Bro.,

    Sorry for the delay.
    First I must ask, how is your loving mother. I hope she is better.

    I have loaded my photo on the site but could not load the my particulars which are:-

    Rajinder Nath Mehta
    Date of Birth:- 25th Sept. 1937
    Cell: 9849665186
    Sex Male
    Nationality Indian.

    Thanks & Rgds.,


  2. May I request all my friends those who have not furnished their particulars as yet should kindly furnish the same in the said tabular form! It is essentially required.

  3. A hearty welcome to all those members who recently joined this movement to actively participate in it to accelerate the progress.I will urge them to go through my suggestions that he/she may find here in this Web. as how to proceed on and follow the same with all sincerity at their command.May God bless all of you with His bliss!

  4. congrats Sir...n all the best.. nutan


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