Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Request for participation in"Global Peace and Universal Brotherhood".

May I request all my friends of face book, yahoo & gmail to kindly join this mass-movement of "Global Peace and Universal Brotherhood"that is purely a voluntary one to actively participate in it to attain its theme of 'Love,love & Peace at & around and spread & propagate the message of universal Brotherhood" amongst friends/well-wishers to make it a success! The same chain has to be carried by their friends/well-wishers with the same motto to their friends/well-wishers through net-working till we touch the last person of the universe with malice to none attaining its theme.Unless we bring awareness with godly intention nothing could be tangible.Let us strive hard with all sincerity at our commands when we are free & having leisorly hours at our disposal without disturbing our normal routine to make it a success! I am happy that many of my friends had expressed their willinness and few of them have already started functioning in the right direction deseve all praise.May I request them to express their thoughts/comments here in this website instead of posting their messages in the message-box of the face book.May God bless all of us with strength & wisdom in us to accomplish this herculean task very suucessfully & gracefully!


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