Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An appeal and a request to all my friends who are actively participating in this pious movement.

An appeal and a request to all my friends who are actively participating in this pious movement.
All my friends who are actively participating in the movement of 'Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood".

Dear friends,
I am happy that you are actively engaged in propagating and spreading message of 'Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood" at and around you where you work and live and after its coverage successfully, you must have contacted your friends to promote and propagate it and later to request them to spread it amongst their friends in the same way as you have done through net-working or by personal contact. Those who are new entrants can follow the same and begin their works without any delay knowing fully well that well begun is half done.
You are kindly requested to follow these steps to accomplish this Herculean task.
(!) Firstly, you are required to spread the message and theme of the said movement 'Love, love & Peace" at and around you where you work and reside. If need arises , you may address them the objectives of this movement and reasons for launching & propagating it with sole intention to bring awareness and accomplish its theme in wider perspective to ease tension prevailing round the universe and enrich ethical & moral values amongst people spread round the world. After it is successfully completed, you can kindly switch over to the next step.
(2) You may kindly write to your friends and well-wishers giving reference of mine about 'Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood" with sole intention to acquaint them the reasons and objectives for promoting it and as how best to proceed ahead to reach to their friends after covering at and around them in similar way as you have done.
(3) I will urge you to kindly ensure that the chains of spreading its theme do not break rather continue and that could be possible only through constant review and follow-up. You may kindly collect particulars of all your friends those who are actively engaged in propagating it in a tabular form viz; (a)Name,(b) Age(c) Sex (d)Nationality (e)Home address (f) email address (g0 Contact No. and similarly you may request your friends also to collect . You can retain them after collecting and later on, you may kindly pass on a consolidated list to me so that I can also follow them up.
(4) I am fully aware of your constraints but you must derive pleasure in wider interest of humanity the labor that you have put in .I am sure that you will accomplish this Herculean task very successfully and gracefully. I am aware of your busy schedule, but certainly you can accomplish it by striving hard during your leisurely hours or on off or holidays.

I have full faith in your wisdom and am sure that you will come out with flying colors.
With humble wishes,
Yours Truly,
Bishwa Nath Singh.

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