Friday, March 19, 2010

Thanks to all those active members who joined this movement.

I must thank all my esteemed friends who have already joined the very pious movement.I am overwhelmed by this kind & benevolence gesture of my esteemed friends with whose kind gesture and valuable cooperation the movement already launched globally” Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood" will get its face lift and move with fast speed in right direction achieving its inherent theme "Love, love & Peace around and spread & propagate Universal Brotherhood" amongst masses of the universe through Net-working by actively participating in it and persuading friends/well-wishers to do the same and like wise the chain has got to continue unbroken till it reaches to the last.Kindly ensure firstly to display it prominently on a Website & Web Page & later on, persuading your friends/well-wishers/relations to enroll themselves with a pledge to voluntary spreading the message of love & peace at & around by shunning their differences, if any and later for for establishing brotherhood relationship amongst their friends/well-wishers by net-working. I know that all of you remain awfully busy with tightened up your schedule, but you can spare some time to accomplish it remembering a well-known thought that where there is wiil, there is way out. Certainly, I count on you & hopefully wishing you to strengthen my hands May the Almighty God bless my young friend with all grand success in her long, happy, prosperous & blissful life!

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