Friday, March 12, 2010

All followers are to be active members of the said movement.

I must express my gratitude to all those who have enrolled themselves as the follower of the said movement.They are by virtue of being its follwer,automatically become its active member.It is expected from all of them to come forward and persuade all their friends/well-wishers to actively participate in the holy & godly movement of 'Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood" to accomplish its very theme of “Love, love & Peace at & around and spread & propagate message of Brotherhood amongst others universally” such as their friends/well-wishers” that is how we can move ahead and ensure that the chain is not broken through net-working till we reach the last person.I would request all of them to kindly incorporate their own particulars and also collect the particulars of their friends also who join this movement and retain them with you in tabular form and at last they may send me a consolidated list for record & follow-up actionn from time to time to make this movement a success.For particulars, the following tabular form may kindly be used. Name, Sex, Address, Nationality, country where living,academic qualification,age, email address/Mobile No. & Remarks. They are urged to keep a record and ensure that the chain continues uninterrupted.One must be very clear that any one who joins later on will be also welcome as it is a mass-movement & voluntary organizations to accomplish its herculean task for the sake of humanity.

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