Friday, January 14, 2011

The concept of love as flashed by Alokparna S. Thakur as flashed on the f.b. on Jan.14,2011.

Alokparna S. Thakur

‎" Love is nourishment, love is exactly like food to the soul. Food is nourishment for the body, love is nourishment for the soul. Without food you'll die physically, without love you'll die spiritually- infact you'll not even be born. The body needs food; the soul needs love. " My heartiest and sincere prayer for you my dear Bishwa Nath Ji that may the time ahead take you ever closer to the very essence of who you are; may you become one with the BLISS N LOVE of your soul.


You like this..

Bishwa Nath Singh:
Thanks for your kind wishes.I am indeed moved by your kind words.Let me wish you all the best!


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