Saturday, January 29, 2011

To protect cows must be in our developmental agenda and cow slaughter houses must be banned as flashed n the f.b. on Jan.29,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh:

Well, it's good that awareness about importance of cow is being brought amongst masses but unless due care is not taken for their proper raising, nothing could be achieved. Cow slaughter houses must be banned by the Union Govt. and all State Govts. and for that strong political will is required for those political high-ups occupying h...igh positions in the Govt. It's unto electorates to persuade their elected M.P/M.L.A to compel the respective State Govt and Union Govt. to put a ban on cow slaughter by bringing a suitable ordinance or legislation or amendment ,so required It is irony of fate that though, we have been watching and listening every now and then that the cow is our holy mother who gives us milk that is just like pious given to Lord Buddha by a village girl Sujata at Bodhgaya while he was going under physical penance in search of getting enlighten .Simply,skelton was left on His body as He was so physically weak. Sujata, a village girl after having seen Him in that condition had brought pious from her house and offered Him and had cautioned that one should not pull string of a bow so strong that lest it may break and not leave too loose that it can’t hit and thus to me, she became the first Guru of Mahatma Buddha.. I am glad that our saga are bringing mass awareness for protection of Cows every now and then but with no tangible outcome. .Let us urge Union Govt. Of India and all State Govts. to put a blanket ban on cow slaughtering with immediate effect by bringing legislation or amendment, if so required in our Parliament and State Assemblies to get through the bill and all municipal corporations must be laddered with sufficient power too prosecute those who leave their cows stray in the township where all filths are eaten by them! It can be only possible when our political high ups occupying high and responsible chair in the Govt. have very strong political will Over sixty years have passed ever since, we got independence. Mahatma Gandhi was out and out for ban on cow slaughtering houses in our country but even though, it has not been enforced and that is perhaps the greatest tragedy of era that our historians can’t forgive us. We can also resolve not to use any milk other than fresh cow’s milk and boycott use of plastics.

(Photo of Cows)

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Bishwa Nath Singh :
Let us rise to save and protect our cows who are our holy mother!

Saurabh Gakhar this is true save cow or we can say that holy mother is also our duty

Rahul Gulati Let us come together to save cows and our holy rivers.

Devendra Nath Misra:
Please excuse if I say that the cow is one the most ignored animals in
I ndia.We take better care of dogs than of cows.WE must build adequate number of cow shelters first and take care of their cleanliness.There are so many wealthy temples ....Can they not do something
Bishwa Nath Singh :
It's a valid point that has been raised by Sri Mishra.Let all our Ashrams and temole management Committees manning different richly temples should raise their own Dairy to rear good cows!

Rahul Gulati :
Yes our temples & ashrams can also contribute a lot in the conservation of quality Indian cows

Ak Shrivastava :
We hear "Ban Cow Slaughter"But have we made Her life liveable?




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