Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Comment on short story of Alka Saini on 'Mithya Abhiman" flashed on 3.8.2010 on f.b

Perhaps it is the greatest tragedy with all male in our country that they look to their spouse with suspicious mind though most of them remain busy in alluring beautiful and smart ladies to bring to their fold. It may be because of lack of confidence in their spouse besides not being educated in co-educational Institutions where boys and girls study together and learn manners as how to live them with opposite sex. It is also noticed that most of our males are not well-versed with ethical & moral education and go for early arranged marriage. Let us hope that awareness of all such shortcomings be publicly debated and people at large be educated to have full confidence in their spouse and make their marriages blissful! I am indeed very happy that Alka Saini has presented this social & moral evils that our society is facing today in the most beautiful manner in her said story.

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