Saturday, August 21, 2010

My comment is live on the World Newsa Network on Aug.21,2010 on the Subject: "Zardari tops list of ‘absent’ leaders when needed most"-Zee News.

My comment is live on the World NEWS network on Aug.21,2010 on the Subject: "Zardari tops list of ‘absent’ leaders when needed most"-Zee News.

Bishwa Nath Singh
from Dalmianagar(Bihar),India.
Pakistan suffered lot due to worst floods and causalities were more than what Pak. had experienced at the time of partition as proclaimed by Pak. Prime Minister a few days ago. Though, it was prerogative of Pak. President whether his visit to abroad was more important than remaining in his country at a time when the nation was facing serious ravaged due to intense flood and his presence was badly needed when the nation required his presence the most to monitor flood relief measures. Releasing the list of five such people, the prestigious 'Foreign Policy' magazine said Asif Ali Zardari was touring in Europe when millions of people had been affected by the devastating floods and hundreds others hit by political violence in his country. In all humility, it was expected from a Statesman like him to have cancelled his foreign trip and could have remained available in his country to monitor relief measures. The Pak. President's trip wasn't all fun and games as revealed by his aids. At a public speech during one of Zardari's final stops in Britain, a sixty year-old British-Pakistani protester hurled his shoes at the President in light of his decision not to return home. This was the only means of protest available in front of that demonstrator at that time that was quoted by him as saying after he was released by the police. This very action of demonstrator must be condemned by all as it was not a gentleman’s way to protest. If at all, there were any grievances, the demonstrator would have preferred to display a play card instead of hurling abuses or shoes. Pak. President Asif Ali Zardari's absence continued on August 18, 2010 with a visit to the Black Sea resort at Sochi in Russia, where he met his Russian, Afghan, and Tajik counterparts for a security summit. It is said that Asif Ali Zardari,Pak. President did not stay for lunch and left quickly after the meeting. Among other leaders part of the unique list are Yuri Luzhkov, Mayor of Moscow, who was receiving physical therapy in the Austrian Alps while his city was engulfed with wildfires; and Wyclef Jean, a Hip-hop artist-turned Haitian presidential candidate who was hiding at the time of reconstruction of the disaster-stricken country. BP CEO Tony Hayward, who was on a yacht off the Isle of Wight during the oil spill in the Gulf; and Tony Woodley, General Secretary of Unite, Britain's largest labor union, who during the British Airways strikes was on a Mediterranean island villa who figured prominently in the list. It is of common belief that while Rome was burning, Nero was playing fluit. This practice has to be stopped once for all. One must choose priority to be accomplished, if he/she wants to be successful in his/her life. Had Pak. President cancelled his foreign trip and attended his duties as the President of his country in monitoring flood relief measures and gone for aerial survey on priority basis that might have added feather to his cap! Let us hope that all heads of the Govt. will act as per priority that is required of them!

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