Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Comment on VikramSharma's message on the f.b on August 4,2010

Vikram Sharma August 4 at 12:03pm Reply
Navin Joshi believes that India is not modern as yet. It is a fallacy! Read his views and post yours by clicking the link:

Bishwanath Singh: One should not undermine our country which is on the right path of overall development. The nation as whole is on the path of modernity where a good number of inhabitants have started availing the l modern amenities for their livelihood. A good number of Parks have started coming into being in most of the cities. A large number of girls have started going to colleges for their higher education. There are number of institutions that have co-education now .All these are positive sign of modernity though poverty, unemployment, terrorism & corruption are on enhancing side that have got to be contained. It is mass awareness that can play vital role in electing honest and sincere people as their legislatures and member of parliament to run both the State & Union Govt. than can give good governance that is need of present.

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