Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My pesonal views on Reservation Policy being pursued by our Union India:

My pesonal views on Reservation Policy being pursued by our Union India as flashed on f.b of 11.8.2010.

Bishwanath Singh :I had already acquainted my views against Reservation Policy of our Govt. to all of my friends and well-wishers some time earlier.To me, the way reservation have been promulgated in our country every now and then during over sixty two ...years after we got independence from British Colonial rules is nothing but an eye-wash just to swallow the vote banks of Political parties in power both either at centre or in State or in both and surprisingly that may lead to our country to a class war which can't be ruled out. Instead of had intention of Political Parties in power been very pious & clear they could have gone for certain percentage of reservation all over the country on economic condition of people for certain duration of time. But, it appears to be a myth. So long, they won't have strong political will to scrap it and start a fresh on the basis of economic condition of people only for certain duration, the hide & seek game of politics over reservation issue will go on that will neither be in the best interest of the nation nor of their own in long run when people will rise against their misdeeds on pursuing wrong policies for such a long period. Though, many may differ with my views but it is a hard core fact that people as whole may realize one day in due course of time when they will find rich become richer and poor become poorer as compared to others.

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