Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The pride of Marwar-Swarup Khan who failed to qualify in reality show of Indian Idol.

Bishwanath Singh: It has been often seen little man doing great work by virtue of his honesty, sincerity & devotion in his work. Though Swarup could not qualify to be an idol of Reality Show of Indian idol but has won hearts of billions of people living... far and wide specially all those who had seen his performance in the reality shows. He has to go long way provided he keeps on practicing his musical pursuits with sincerity without any break. He is going to be certainly an ideal play back singer in our Bollywood either today or tomorrow. One must remember that the God helps those who help themselves-is a very popular idiom that is bound to hold good in the case of Swarup who is the most talented versatile singer of repute. He has our best of wishes .Let us wish him all success in his long & happy life!
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