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My comments on the World News Network as flashed on 15.8.2010 on the Subject: India beacon of hope for people around the globe: Obama

World News Network Dated:14.8.2010.

Subject: India beacon of hope for people around the globe: Obama
Comments of
Bishwa Nath Singh
from Dalmianagar (Bihar),India
India's Independence Day is celebrated on the15 August to commemorate its independence from British rule and its birth as a sovereign nation on that day in 1947 The day is a national holiday in India. All over the country, flag-hoisting ceremonies are conducted by the local administration in attendance. The main event takes place in New Delhi, where the Prime Minister hoists the national flag at the Red Fort and delivers a nationally televised speech from its ramparts. In his speech, he highlights the achievements of his government during the past year, raises important issues and gives a call for further development. The Prime Minister also pays his tribute to leaders of the freedom struggle. U.S. also recognizes this day as India Day. The Prime Minister of India hoists the Indian flag on the ramparts of the historical site, Red Fort, Delhi, on August 15. The15th of August has been declared as a national holiday in India by Union Govt. of India .All Government Offices are kept neat & clean and lit up during night as mark of its celebration. The National Flag hoisting ceremonies and cultural programs take place in all the state capitals. In the cities around the country the national flag is hoisted by politicians in their constituencies. In various private organizations the flag hoisting is carried out by a senior official of that organization .All over the country, flags are given out to citizens who wear them proudly to show their patriotism towards India. Schools and colleges around the country organize flag hoisting ceremonies and various cultural events within their premises, where younger children in costume do impersonations of their favorite characters of the Independence era. They also have a parade. Families and friends get together for lunch or dinner, or for an outing. Housing colonies, cultural centers, clubs and societies hold entertainment programs and competitions, usually based on the Independence Day theme. Most national and regional television channels screen old and new film classics with patriotic themes on Independence Day. Its a national festival that is celebrated by every Indian irrespective of his/her religion. Mahatma Gandhi had employed non-cooperation, non-violence and peaceful resistance as his "weapons" in the struggle against the British Raj. In Punjab, the Jallianwala Bagh massacre of civilians by British troops (also known as the Amritsar Massacre) caused deep trauma to the nation, leading to increased public anger and acts of violence. Gandhi criticised both the actions of the British Raj and the retaliatory violence of Indians. He authored the resolution offering condolences to British civilian victims and condemning the riots which, after initial opposition in the party, was accepted following Gandhi's emotional speech advocating his principle that all violence was evil and could not be justified. But it was after the massacre and subsequent violence that Gandhi's mind focused upon obtaining complete self-government and control of all Indian government institutions, maturing soon into Swaraj or complete individual, spiritual, political independence .Many had laid their lives during India’s independence struggle movement. US President has very rightly said that India & Indians as whole have been an inspiration and beacon of hope for people across the globe .Let us hope that we will strive hard to remain so for ever and prove our worthiness as aren’t follower of Gandhi an doctrine of truth &, non-violence in all walks of our lives!

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