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My comment is live on the World News Network on August 22,2010 on the Subject:"Acceptance of Indian aid boosts Pak's image: Gilani"-Zee News.

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Subject:"Acceptance of Indian aid boosts Pak's image: Gilani"-Zee News.

Bishwa Nath Singh from Dalmianagar (Bihar),India

Pakistan has badly suffered with worst floods in decades that have toppled villages and bridges, ripped apart roads, killed at least 1,600 people, made more than four million homeless and raised concerns that militants will exploit the misery and chaos .Saleh Farooqui, director general of the disaster management authority in southern Sindh province of Pak.has revealed floods have hit at least four districts, including urban areas, forcing about 200,000 people to flee for higher ground in the last 24 hours. The Pak.officials expect the floodwaters will recede nationwide in the next few days as the last river torrents empty into the Arabian Sea, But when that happens, millions of Pakistanis will almost certainly want the government, which was already constrained by a fragile economy before the flood, to quickly come up with homes and compensation for the loss of livestock and crops. The Pak.Govt. has been accused of moving too slowly and Islamist charities, some with suspected links to militant groups, have moved rapidly to provide relief to Pakistanis, already frustrated with their leaders' track record on the economy, security, poverty and by chronic power shortages. Pakistan has said it would freeze some development projects in order to divert resources to flood relief and reconstruction. People have also cut through dikes and roads hoping to divert the water away from their homes. Half a million people are living in about 5,000 schools in flood-hit areas of Pakistan where poor hygiene and sanitation, along with cramped quarters and the stifling heat, provide fertile ground for potentially fatal diseases such as cholera. The United Nations has warned that up to 3.5 million children could be in danger of contracting deadly diseases carried through contaminated water and insects. The United States, eager to ensure stability in a frontline state in the fight against militancy, has led a chorus of aid pledges and provided helicopters for rescue operations . The International Monetary Fund & EU said they would review shortly. We are happy to learn that Pakistan has agreed to accept USD 5 million Indian aid for flood victims following prod by the US, has claimed that the move has enhanced its diplomatic image since refusal would have gone against its insistence on resumption of dialogue. After dilly-dallying for several days, Pakistan recently accepted India's offer to provide USD 5 million for the millions of victims of the devastating floods that have swept the country. Pak.Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that the move to accept the assistance has enhanced Pakistan's diplomatic image and asked those opposed to taking aid from India to give reasons for their stand. He had futher said that he would like to ask the critics of Indian aid on what ground we should refuse it. It will be a narrow approach if we refuse aid from India that is what Gilani had briefed to the Press Medias. It is true that the move has been criticized by some politicians. The Pak. Govt.. has accepted the Indian aid offer on the US call as revealed by the Senator Raja Zafar ul Haq, chairman of PML-N party However, Gilani had said: that it would have been a contrast if Pak. Govt. had refused the Indian aid that too at a time when Pak. faced worst ravages of flood. On the one hand, we are stressing on the resumption of dialogue with India and on the other, we refuse its aid. We should come out of this approach and give a strong image to Pakistan. He said he was chairing a high-level meeting
when he was informed about India's offer to provide aid. He had told his Foreign Minister to thank his Indian counterpart for the aid.. Gilani noted that both Pakistanis and Indians had collected funds for the flood-affected people. Gillani had further said that the international community trusted Pak and that is why such huge aid is pouring in every now and then Let us hope that aids reaching Pak. will be properly utilized !

World News Network.
August 22,2010 at 11:48 PM (IST)

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