Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A tribute

Let us join to pay our humble & floral tribute to the distinguished writer of Hindi literature Dr. Jaggnath Ji Purohit who made a place of pride in the Hindi World! He was known widely for his simplicity, truthfulness and love for Hindi literature. Though, he is no more with us but his spirit through his books will a...lways keep us moving on the right path.I am extremely happy to learn that my esteemed friend Mrs Asha Pandey Ojha adore him as her Guru ( Respected teacher) and has paid eloquent tribute to him on the eve of Guru Purnima that was celebrated all over the country during this calendar year on the 25th of July 2010.It is customary to pay our obeisance to our Guru on the eve of Guru-Purnima.I too had to rush up to Naimisharanya-almost one hundred kms. away from Lucknow –the Capital of U.P. State of India to offer my prayers to the Smadhi(memorial) of my Guru – a great saint of yester years-Late Jagadacharya Swami Vivekanand Ji Maharaj , the then Pitheshwar of Naimish and to pay my humble obeisance to the lotus feet of the present Pitheshwar of Naimish( a religious place where Manu & Satrupa had gone under penance for many years for creating men & women, Maharshi Ved Vyash had written Ved –the holy epics and eighty thousand saints had joined there for worshipping God whose mention one finds in ‘Satya Narayan Brat Katha”). I mention it with intention to let the world know that having gone through his/her Guru’s place and by offering humble prayers on the eve of Guru- Purnima,one gets godly bliss & solace.It is high time that we must remember our Guru and pay our humble obeisance to His/Her lotus feet and seek His/Her bliss for well-being of all living being of this universe and pray to them to give us wisdom to accomplish Herculean task of ‘Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood” with malice to none!See More

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