Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Commenting on a report that admissions into 5th class in Gurukul schools of Andhra will be made by LOTTERY as a consequence of a diktat by the union HR Minister Kapil Sibal,

One should keep away politics from education otherwise the country as whole is going to be the great looser in future course of time. The enough politics have already been played in this country with educational system and academic life as a result a large number of students are going abroad for their studies and don’t feel like returning to their motherland. In most of rural areas of our country, quacks are practicing and treating patients instead of medical doctor who are unavailable and not willing to practice in rural areas where genuine modern amenities are unavailable. It is common trend in our country that any one who joins as Cabinet Minister whether in Union or State, he/she wants to do something of their own to earn cheap popularity so Kapil Sibbal, legal luminary turned Politician is no exception to it if he introduces lottery system in case of admission in class v in Gurukul schools of Andhra Pradesh . Let us urge both Union & all State Govts. that unless, change is imminent, it should not be brought in large interest of our country otherwise there won’t be any end to it!

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