Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The concept of Krishna Bhakti as flashed on the f.b. on January 5,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh:

The people by and large often talk of Krishna- Bhakti.Let us have a glimpse of it and enjoy to purify our soul!


(Photo of Lord Krishna)

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Bishwa Nath Singh :
 Krishna Bhakti is nothing but total devotion to Lord Krishna and complete surrender to His lotus feet and follow His dictum in totality. Total devotion to Lord Krishna would help man wash away our inner dirt like lust, anger, desire and g...reed and ego the four sins that makes life of all men & women miserable Lord Krishna is bliss incarnate. Just by bearing it in our mind & thoughts of His great power would lead them to purification. It is a true that Inner washing takes place on listening to the glory of Lord Krishna. One gets purified by chanting of Lord Krishna's name as revealed by Swami Prabhupad many years ago.Once one begins thinking of Lord Krishna, lust gets vanished replaced by eternal love i.Bhagwat Gita prophesizes that no sooner sensuousness is handled the right way, desire and possession gets directed towards religious rites and salvation.Krishna Bhakti constitutes a man's spiritual bank balance. Krishna Bhakti is not spasmodic, not sporadic, not impulsive, and not capricious. It is the cumulative effect of collective penance down the ages.Lord Krishna cares for his devotees. He had come in the past, comes in the present and will come in the future too. Lord Krishna is the youth icon with the most commendable personality traits with handsome physique. He is intelligent, incarnate, courage embodied with strength unsurpassed. He is unequalled companion. His proficiency is unquestionable, his diplomacy is enviable, his humility is admirable, and his sense of duty is exemplary. Lord Rama was great, but he is not accessible. Accessible people are not great. Lord Kirshna was both. It is rightly said that the Cow can lick the soles of her feet whereas Parrot could perch on his shoulder. Lord Ram was a king, but Lord Krishna was a king-maker. He did not hesitate to play the role of an ambassador to Pandavas. He readily agreed to be charioteer to Warrior Arjuna. He had helped the Pandavas to grow from rags to riches. He was born in prison but lived like a prince. Lord Krishna also gives a unique lesson on the qualities of friendship through the trait of Sudama in Sudama Charitra. He established that a beloved friend has to be a man of self control, happy with what he has. The other important lesson is that one needs to stand up to give because someone is coming to receive. Giving is living, is the essence of Sudama Charitra. Once,we set aside part of our earnings, we will never lack anything in life and enjoy the status of a religious Person. So, it is high time that we should go for Krishna Bhakti with all sincerity at our command,The glaring example of selfless Krishna-Bhakti could be seen in almost all Iskcon temples spread round the globe, Shrinath Dham,Banke Bihari temple at Vrindavan,,Shri Krishna Janam Bhumi at Mathura, Gokul and almost all important temples located at Barsane and all other places in India.



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