Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jesus conviction about Payers as flased on the f.b. on January 7,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh
Jesus Christ had his own conviction about prayer. He had very rightly cautioned us that we often talk about his teachings with our mouth, we honor me only with our lips, but we don’t do the things as per his ordeal and that pains hi. Are we not hypocrite?. In vain we worship him, teaching the commandments of men as my doctrine. Why d...o we reject the teachings of Jesus for the superstitions, traditions and teachings of men? Are those old superstitious traditions bringing us happiness and peace of mind? He has rightly said that one who knows his teachings and does them is a wise man and does not do them is a foolish person. One who hears it and doest it, he/she will be amply rewarded by Holy Father. When we pray, none should be shown. Prayer is between us and Our Father. We should not use it in vain and should not ask for earthly things; as our holy Father knows what things we need to carry out the things he wants we to do.

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Bishwa Nath Singh It has been rightly said that a christian is one who behaves like christ.We should use our body and mind in prayers and good deeds for cause of humanity rather than wasting our time in gimmic and bad things.

Roselena de la Sierra :
Good heart is what our lord had and have no many can carry that pure heart this why so special because is the only one LOVE


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