Saturday, January 8, 2011

One should not cast any personal insinuation against any other as flashed on the f.b. on Jan.7,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh:

Let me request all of you to take note of it that there should not be any personal insinuation that caste aspersion on others as I have seen some where that should not be repeated!Women and men are complimentary to each other .Without them, one cannot dream of a new generation to come. Both of them are integral part of evolution. Wher...e, woman is a pride of our society known for their benevolence where man is known for generosity and hard work. Both of them are great and remain very close to the heart of thy creator. Let us learn to respect them and give them due share in our civilized societies!


(Photo of Lord Ram and his spouse Sita)

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Anirudha Mohanta :
yes family and society that does not respect women are bound to fall but great great family and society are those where men and women get mutual love and respect from each other

Sunita Saini :
I agree..



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