Saturday, January 8, 2011

Write-up connected with visit of His Holiness Jagdacharya of Naimisharany,Swami Upendranand Ji

Bishwa Nath Singh

How nice, it was to have received His Holiness Jagdacharya of Naimisharany,Swami Upendranand Ji Sarasw ati on January 7,2011 when he came all the way to bless us at our residence! Swami Ji is well known for his religious discourses and oratory. He is a great scholar of Sanskrit. He is a great saint with full of passion and wisdom. He has asked me personally to accept his blessings and convey the same to all of my friends, relatives and well-wishers. After staying for night at my house, he will leave for his holy Ashram Naimisharnaya via Allahabad this afternoon. Naimisharnaya is a very holy place where Manu & Satrupa –“ Adi “( first)Couple of this universe had prayed for creation of “Shristi”( human world), Maharshi Ved Vyash Ji had authored Veda, Eighty thousand great sagas had gone for Yagya for well-being of this universe in olden days whose reference is found in “Sayanarain Brat Katha”. Naimisharnya is situated at the bank of Gomti in Sitapur district of India , very well connected by Road & Rail.It is almost one hundred kilometers away from the Capital of Uttar Pradesh State, Lucknow situated in thick forest presenting a very good surroundings and picturesque view The famous deity of Lalita Devi and Guru’s Ashram hve added special attraction to this holy place. There are many more things to be seen there that have added glamour to this holy place worth its name. Let us join to pay our humble obeisances to this great saint and Naimish as whole and seek their bliss for well-being of all living -being of this universe! Guru’s blessings are always sought & His visit to our place is always matter of a joy to us.

Blessings received from Guru(holy teacher).

Guru 's blessings often prayed & sought.

By: Bishwa Nath Singh


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Bishwa Nath Singh:
Our Naman to the lotus feet of Our Guru Ji Maharaj!



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