Saturday, March 19, 2011

An appeal to join "Global Peace and Universal Brotherhood" as flashed on the f.b. on March 17,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh

This year Holika dahan will be carried out in the night of March 19, 2011 whereas Holi –a festival of colors will be celebrated the following day i.e on March 20, 2011 all over India with gaiety and fervor. In Braj Bhumi, Holi has started being celebrated from March 14,2011 and will last till the day of Holi i.e March 20,2011.It is a festival of joy & prosperity. It gives us the message to strive hard to attain peace over war, love over hatred, hope over despair and friendship over enmity and success over failure. Let us celebrate it in very dignified manner with malice to none and wish everybody a very happy and prosperous Holi –a festival of colors!


( Picture of  Holika Dahan )

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Bishwa Nath Singh:
Let me convey my heartiest greetings to all of you on the eve of Holi!! May I request to all those who have not joined ,so far to kindly go through the website and join the said social and voluntary movement ‘Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood” to make it a success and affix their Photo and incorporate their basic and contact information in their Profile on the site!

.Binduu Chopra :
Thank you for sharing this. Happy holi to you and ur family.

Kaushal Bansal Knowledge & Vibration of HOLI With Lord Krishana

श्री कृष्ण के साथ चैतन्य होली

यमुना के तीर मुरलिया बाजत, सुन सुन मस्त हुआ मन मौरा

गेपिन ग्वालिन झूम रही है, पाओ बेबस थिरकत जावे

...कृष्णहि मनवा लागा मोरा

श्याम की मुरली मन हर लेवे, देत छुडावत है वह दुख से

धन्य धन्य वह गोपिन व्रज की, मनवा जिन हरि चरनन दीना

भावतवंशी मनवा मोरा

उठत कलेजे पीर सुनत न, जा दिन मैं हूँ कृष्ण हि वंशी

सूखा सूखा जग मो लागे, अन्तर आवे बाहर मेरा

दुखी कलेजा बहुत ही मोरा

तीर्थ शिवोम्‌ सुनाओ वंशी, उधरहि मनवा, लोचत मनवा

वंशी बिन कुछ नहीं सुहावे, बिन वंशी अधीर है मनवा

वंशी तान ही जीवर मोरा

द्वारा - गुरुतत्व शिवोम् तीर्थ जी।
March 17,2011

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