Sunday, March 13, 2011

How best Pooja could be defined as flashed on the f.b. on March 14,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh

Pooja (worship) could be very well defined as the technique by which we relate to the cosmic energy through earth element. Puja is a collection of powerful techniques performed with “energized idols” or “vigrahas” that involves intense cleansing techniques which heals the aspirant in physical, psychological and spiritual planes.


( Picture of Sushila Ji while she is worshipping the deity of Lord Shiva)

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Manjula Rishi :
Bishwa Nathji you have put some very good and impressive articals about Puja and our dharm and rituals, this photo makes me feel I am back home in Lucknow taking part in the puja.

Bishwa Nath Singh :
The science behind realization of prayers can be explained with an example - anything kept in front of a projector light could be seen in the screen. If one keeps a slide of a temple scene he/she will see the temple. If one keeps a slide... of filmy person , one will see their age. In same manner, any thought kept in front of concentrated energy, will become a reality. In the space where any Vedic Worship happens there is intense energy flow which happens. Intense potential energies created by continuous repetition of mantras which charges the whole space and keeps it alive. When one is present in front of this space and create a thought or wish, his/her whole body and mind will be tuned to that thought and so naturally it will become a reality in your life. During a Vedic worship, two things will happen, he/she will have "shakti" or energy to make his/her dreams into reality, besides one will have "buddhi" or intelligence to realize that what he/she sees or thinks as reality itself is a dream. Enlightened masters designed these Worships which could intensely heal, inspire and give the humanity an experience of spirituality. As a personal worship, Vedic worship can be performed for self-transformation on a regular basis which can bestow peace, bliss and fortune for an individual. Vedic worship is one of the effective ways to express gratitude and celebrate major events like birthday, anniversary, marriage etc. Perform Vedic worship and infuse auspiciousness and fortune to your personal life! Vedic Worship is based on the truth that the whole Universe is constituted of thoughts and energy vibrations. It is alive and bubbling with our thoughts and emotions. Modern scientists have agrees on the same starting from Einstein who says there is no such thing as matter and energy separately with boundaries between the two and that the whole universe is energy.


March 14,2011.

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