Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A write-up on Prayers as flashed on the f.b. on March 8,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh

One often talks of Prayer. A few days ago, a passer by young lad came to me and asked as why one prays and it is must in one’s life. Though, the question appeared to be very simple but its reply is having far reaching consequences in our life. Let us have glimpse of it that is appended below!


( Photo of a posture of offering prayers by folded hands)

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Bishwa Nath Singh :
The best prayer is one that comes from within in admiration of our creator, savior and emancipator. Prayer is not asking, but a communion with God through single-minded devotion. nearness to God. It is tuning of the mind with God. fixing th...e mind on God and meditating on Him. Surrendering oneself to God completely, and melting the mind and ego in silence, in God. Prayer represents a mystic state when the individual consciousness is absorbed in God. It is an uplifting of the soul to God, an act of love and adoration to Him. It is worship and glorification of God. It is thanksgiving to God for all His blessings. Prayer is depending on God for help in distress. is giving an opportunity to God to comfort the devotee. is expecting God to decide what is best for you when you are in a dilemma. lightens the heaviness of your heart by opening it to God. Man learns to pray through despair. Prayer is an invocation, a calling forth of spiritual forces ever flowing through the human heart, mind and soul a great spiritual force that is as real as force of gravity or attraction, the very soul and essence of religion, the very core of man's life. No man can live without prayer. Prayer does not demand high intelligence or eloquence. God wants your heart when you pray. Even a few words from a humble, pure soul, though illiterate, will appeal to the Lord more than the eloquent flowing words of an orator or a learned man. The child does not know grammar and pronunciation. It utters some sounds, but the mother understands! When mother understands the language of the heart, what to say of the inner witness? He knows what you wish to say. Even if you make mistakes in your prayer to Him, even if there are mistakes in the Mantras you recite, if you are sincere, if the prayer comes from your heart, He listens to it, because He understands the language of your heart. Prayer should spring from the heart and should not be mere lip-homage. Empty prayeris like sounding brass or tinkling cymbal. Prayer that comes from a sincere, pure heart is at once heard by the Lord. The prayer of a cunning, crooked, wicked man is never heard. God ever responds to the appeal of His sincere devotees. It is only the insincereman who says that God is deaf. God is ever watchful of the distress signals of His children. Open your heart to Him without reservation and the response will be instantaneous.The practice of Prayer is carried out by Praying for His grace. Thy will be done, my Lord! I want nothing for myself. This should be thy prayer. For you know not what is good for you; you may be asking for trouble, and praying for perdition. Pray for Grace and that His righteousness might descend on the soul.Greet the dawn of the day and bid adieu to the setting sun with a prayer of thankfulness- firstly for a fresh day granted, and lastly for His Grace received. Thus shall your life be blessed and thus will you radiate His blessings to all around you. Benefits of prayer could be visualized as Prayer being a trusty companion along the weary path to liberation. It is the rock to which a man can cling when he is drowning in the ocean of births and deaths. It frees him from the fear of death and brings him near to God, making him feel the divine Consciousness and His essential immortal nature. Twine one self around Him for support. He/she will be free from the injuries of life. Follow this method and reap the harvest. Pray and prosper. None in this world will save you. It is God alone who loves you most. Call on Him and invoke His mercy. Pray fervently from this very second. You will attain eternal bliss.A true prayer is the expression of that attitude of the human mind which arouses the divine nature in man and makes it govern the lower, selfish or animal nature by which we are directed in our ordinary life to perform selfish acts. According to Vedanta, lip-prayer is no prayer at all. True prayer is always mental. It is the earnest longing of the heart. Whenever we think in words, and we mentally repeat the name of the Ideal concentrating our mind on it, that prayer is the true prayer. It is another form of meditation. And when such a meditation or true prayer leads to the realization of the Divine Spirit, then it is said that prayer is heard. True prayer is like a ladder by which the individual soul ascends to the domain of transcendental reality.


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.Eas Pethaperumaal :
WELCOME..................Bishwa Nath Singh.............G.

.Kay Salady:
Absolutely beautiful. "The fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."


March 8,2011.

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