Sunday, March 13, 2011

No garland is found in an infant child when emerges from mother's womb as flashed on the f.b. on March 11,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh

Is it not a fact that when infant child emerges from the womb of his mother, one does not find any garland around his/her neck? There are neither jewels made of pearls nor are there glittering gold ornaments. There are no chains studded with precious stones like emeralds and diamonds.

( Photo of an infant child)

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Bishwa Nath Singh:
In spite of this naked truth, there is one garland around his neck. Lord Brahma( known as God of Creation) strings together the consequences of his past deeds into a heavy garland and puts it around his neck at the time of hi/her birth. One is born with a garland of karma around our neck. Lord Brahma our creator strings together every single action of ours, be it good or bad, to make this heavy garland. Hence, before performing any action, one must satisfy whether it is good or bad. There is always a reward for one good deed, whether he/she aspires for it or not. Likewise, one cannot escape from the dangerous consequences arising out of his/her seeing, thinking, and hearing, talking and doing all that is bad. One must acquire what is good and what is bad and act accordingly. No one can escape from the consequences of his actions. All of us who are born in this world have to experience both good and bad. Some noble souls understand this truth, experience the godly bliss of treasuring in their mind all that is good and ignore all that is bad. At times, one’s vision is polluted by seeing bad things and coming across bad people. In such a situation, one should exercise caution and remind oneself that eyes are given to him/her to have the vision of noble souls and not to look at all sorts of people around you. Some people indulge in evil talk and criticize others. It is the worst of sins to criticize others. Instead of criticizing oth¬ers, one must criticize his/her own evil qualities. One can not acquire merit when he/she criticizes others rather they will earn only sin. The world has acquired the name prapancha as it is the manifestation of the Panchab¬hutas (five elements). Man today is misusing them. He thinks it is quite natural for him to exploit them to his maximum advantage. But it is most unnatural and unsacred. It may seem to be good and natural for the time being but later on he will be faced with insurmountable difficulties. These five elements are present in every human being in the form of the senses of sound, touch, form, taste and smell. One’s life will be redeemed only when he/she makes proper use of the five senses and the five elements.. It is often seen that in space age people are interested in seeing wrong things. They hear when someone indulges in vain gossip and evil talk. One must not lend ears to evil talk and get carried away by it. God has blessed one with two eyes and two ears so that one may see His beautiful form and hear His sweet and sacred name. It is only when one adheres to these principles can happily lead the life of a true human being. Human life has been called rare and precious because he/she can perform sacred deeds in it. But, if one does not sanctify his/her five senses and make proper use of them, his/her life becomes meaningless. One must follow the right path and make proper use of the five senses. Human life is highly sacred. True humanness lies in transcending lust and following the righteous path. Man is not new to this world. He is ancient and has been here many times before. It is unfortunate that he is yet to understand the true significance of human life in spite of passing through a number of human births. He spends his entire life in eating, drinking, sleeping and enjoying worldly pleasures. Is this the purpose of life? Even the birds, beasts and animals do the same. Then, on what basis can man consider himself to be superior to animals? If one continues fighting with other fellow beings and hurt them, then certainly, it can be construed his/her behavior is no better than that of wild animals. It cannot be called human behavior. In that case, one should not hold others responsible for his/her suffering and point an accusing finger at them rather make suitable amendment into them both in their thought and actions. One must ex¬ercise control over his/her desires. In fact, there should be a limit for everything in life. In modern age,one is conducting himself/herself without any restraint. The space age has provided man/woman with many modern means of comfort in life. No doubt, they have made his/her life easy and com¬fortable, but at the same time these very things are leading him/her on sinful path that must be checked and contained if one wants to have blissful life. One is fully aware that having a cell phone has become an obsession in modern society. Even the Government is encouraging the use of cell phone as it is considered to be the most convenient way of communication. But hardly few pf them have gone into the negative impact it has on the youth and that is why the authorities of eminent Public Schools have banned use of cell phones in their campus. Once one has a cell phone, he/she can talk to anyone, anything, anywhere and at any time. When such freedom is there, the young and novice lads are bound to misuse it and ruin themselves. Even innocent youth are lured on the wrong path by the use of cell phones. If one does not put the youth on the right track and do not inculcate virtues in them, these gadgets and means of comfort will certainly spoil their minds, and they will commit grave mistakes. It will take quite some time for them to rectify their mistakes and walk on the Godly blissful path.

March 11,2011

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