Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One does not have liberty to use unparliamentary words against any one what to speak of Dr. Arjun Singh as flashed on the f.b. on Mrach 5,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh:

Last evening, I was so much disgusted with a write-up of Kiran Shrivastava Meetu ( the profile in which she was putting on green clothes)who had used very filthy and unparliamentarily words to Late Dr. Arjun Singh, former Union Minister of Human Resource Development Deptt., Govt of India that after expressing my anguish, removed her from my friend’s list. One must learn to respect others.


(Photo of Late Dr. Arjun Singh)

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Sunit Kumar:
 Love, Respect, Blessings and Condolences aren't freebies that can be given to everyone. They all are EARNED. Only that person's death is worthy of mourning whose life was honourable. And what decides whether someone's life was honourable o...r not is whether that person discharged all his duties and fulfilled all his responsibilities well or not. So, even the poorest man on earth can become worthy of mourning, if he discharges all his duties with the last bit of his ability, no matter however little means he has. Late Mr. Arjun Singh, sadly, doesn't fit the criterion. When his people needed him the most on the fateful night between Dec 2 & 3 1984, he decided to choose his 'safety' over 'theirs'. When thousands in Bhopal were struggling for breath, he was lulling at his palace in Kerwa Dam. He failed abjectly in his duty as Chief Minister, even more, as a leader. A leader is someone who's there to die before his people should such circumstances arise; he doesn't desert them in disaster.My heartiest condolences are with Mr Singh's family, purely because an old man has died. He can have my condolences as an old man, not as Mr. Arjun Singh the politician. For that politician's family, I've no condolences at all. Warm Regards.

Vrunda Sakhi jai shree krushna ...♥
March 5,2011.

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