Sunday, March 13, 2011

Indian culture is very rich & has its ancient history in the world as flashed on the f.b. on March 11,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh

Our Indian culture is very rich and has its ancient history in the world. It clearly states that the difference that should be observed between men and women with regard to their conduct that is totally forgotten. The history of our motherland is replete with examples of women who have demonstrated great ideals. Since time immemorial, the culture of our country has stood as a beacon light, showing the path of redemption to the people of the world.


(Photo of Mahatma Gandhi with Lord Mountbetten & Mrs. Mountbetten)

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Bishwa Nath Singh :
One can see the simplicity of our father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi who was seen with Lord Mountbatten & his spouse in London.His dress never detered him to be one of greatest personality of the world.Our motherland India is the Birth Pla...ce of men and women of great virtues who made great sacrifices to uphold this ancient culture. This is the land ruled by the noble King Harishchandra who considered truth as his very life-breath. This is the land that gave birth to Sita who proved her chastity by coming out of blazing fire unscathed. People today have forgotten the ideals as exemplified by noble and virtuous women like Draupadi, Savitri and Damayanti who proved that women were in no way inferior to men in terms of courage, determination and power. One should not forget Lakshmi Bai and other great women who had played important role to free our country from British Rule in pre-independence era. They are endowed with infinite divine power and play important role in the enrich our culture by our hard labor with all sincerity at our command!

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Syama Priya Devi Dasi Truly the real Indian culture is exemplary with regards to respect for women. Radharani ki jai! Unfortunately practices like forced sati, female infancide have tarnished the Indian image. People who do these things are not following the vedas.


March 11,2011.

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