Monday, March 14, 2011

His Holiness Satya Shri Sai Ram is our savior and emancipator as flashed on the f.b. on March 15,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh

Let us remember one who is dearest and nearest to us and close to our heart who is our savior and emancipator!


(Picture of His Holiness Satya Shri Sai Ram)

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Bishwa Nath Singh :

His Holiness Satya Shri Sai Baba was seated on day in Dwarakamai, a lizard on the wall made a noise. A devotee sitting opposite to Baba, asked him why the lizard was making such a noise. Baba replied that the lizard’s sister was expected to... come from Aurangabad shortly, and so out of joy, it was making the noise. The devotee kept quiet. Just then a devotee came on horse from Aurangabad to see Baba. He wanted to feed the horse, and taking out the bag which was with him he shook it. A lizard fell from the bag and rapidly climbed the wall. Baba told the devotees who had questioned Baba earlier, to watch the lizards carefully. The lizard from Aurangabad met her sister and kissed. They played out of joy, going round and round. People sitting before Baba were very much surprised Where is Aurangabad? Where is Shirdi? If the lizards were sisters, how did they happen to be at such distances? How did Baba know that the lizard was coming from Aurangabad? Did he know the mind of animals and also their language? Such doubts arose in the devotees and they simply stared at Baba with surprise. Baba, who read the minds of the devotees said, "Not only about these lizards, but what is happening in every atom in this world, I know. Without my permission, the leaves on the tree also will not flutter. God is all powerful. All should follow the rules of this creation. Even I cannot go against them. God is the creator of all Universe. Allah Malik hai." There is another incidence that Bayaja Bai whom Baba addressed as Sister, became physically weak due to old age. She was not in a condition even to get up from bed. Baba ordered Tatya to remain at the bedside of his mother and do service to her. Now and then he would send Tatya’s close associates like Shama also to be with Tatya. Bayaja Bai was nearing her end . She wanted to see Baba once. Immediately, Baba appeared near her head. His appearance at this last moment gave her divine bliss. Some unexplained joy came to her. She felt that her soul was happily going towards heaven. Perhaps, this feeling was due to the complete divine darshan Baba gave her. She wanted to say something but words did not come out of her. She took her son Tatya’s hand and put it on Baba’s hand. Having understood her thoughts, Baba assured her that he would look after Tatya from that moment more than his life. She knew that his words were God’s words. After hearing those words from Baba, her soul left her body and merged in the universe. Such is our Savior and emancipator.Let us join to pay our humble obeisance to His lotus feet and seek His bliss for well-being of all living-being of this universe including those of quake and tsnami victims of Japan!

Naresh Matia :
anantkoti brahamand nayak rajadhi raj yogiraj parambrahm sachdanand sadguru shri sai nath maharaj ki sai ram .jai jai sai ram


March 15,2011.

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