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The concept of holy Quran as flashed on the f.b. on May 18,2011 and two other dispatch as flashed on the f.b. of May 18,2011 and May 16,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh

The literary meaning of Quran is recitation. It is a holy book of the central religious text of Islam, which Muslims consider the verbatim word of God (Allah) and the final divine revelation in the form of the final testament that is regarded widely as the finest piece of literature in the Arabic language. Let us have a glimpse of the holy Quran and be well-versed with its significance!

( Picture of holy Quran)

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Bishwa Nath Singh :
In the Picture appended avove, one can have glimpse of the holy Quran of the sixth centuary and pay his/her obeisance to this holy religious book of Muslims and all others who believe in Islamic faith.The muslims believe that the Quran wa...s verbally revealed through the angel Jibrīl (Gabriel) from God to Muhammad gradually over a period of approximately twenty-three years beginning in 610 CE, when Muhammad was forty, and concluding in 632 CE, the year of his death, and during that period the Qur'an was precisely memorized, recited and exactly written down by Muhammad's companions, called Sahabas, after each revelation have been dictated by Muhammad. Most of Muhammad's tens of thousands of companions learned the Quran by by heart and recited it repeatedly in front of Muhammad and/or his companions for approval.Shortly after Muhammad's death The Quran was compiled into a single book by order of the first Caliph Abu Bakr and at the suggestion of his future successor Umar. Hafsa, who was Muhammad's widow and Umar's daughter, was entrusted with that Quran text after the second Caliph Umar died. When Uthman, the third Caliph, began to notice slight differences in Arabic dialect he asked Hafsa to allow him to use the text in her possession to be set as the standard dialect, the Quraish dialect now known as Fus'ha (Modern Standard Arabic). Before returning the text to Hafsa Uthman made several thousand copies of Abu Bakr's redaction and, to standardize the text, invalidated all other versions of the Quran. This process of formalization is known as the "Uthmanic recension".The present form of the Quran text is accepted by most scholars as the original version compiled by Abu Bakr. It is believed that Prophet Muhammad had received revelations from Allah for twenty three years. At first, the prophet preached these revelations verbally. Later Muhammad's teachings were set down in a book called the Quran (Koran). After Muhammad's death all the teachings of Muhammad were compiled under the direction of the first Sunni Caliph Abu Bakr. The work was completed about one thousand four hundred years ago. Composed in one hundred fourteen verses or surah(s) of varying lengths, the Quran covers a wide range of subjects. Quran has been revealed for the guidance of mankind and invites the people of wisdom to read into its pages to enhance human knowledge about the universe and Creator, and to create environments where man could live in peace and harmony with the fellow human beings and with the Nature. It puts a special emphasis on the concept of oneness of god and his concern about the spiritual and worldly welfare of man. The Holy Scripture also enlightens on the creation of the world, specially, of man; of good and evil spirits; man's responsibility for his actions; the Day of Judgement; the final account; and rewards and punishments. The book also contains rules and regulations regarding worship and the life of the community, the laws of the family: like marriage, divorce and inheritance. Since the Quran is said to be the very word of god, it is untranslatable. Nevertheless, for those who don't understand Arabic, the Quran has been explained and translated into almost all world languages. Still, every Muslim is expected to learn the Arabic script to be able to read the original text, even if he does not understand its meaning in Arabic. Quran is a part of the Knowledge - which is limitless, and therefore it deals with the stages of human development. It also contains the solutions of issues and problems which mankind faces and specifies a complete Islamic system i.e. the system which facilitates living in peace - where there is no oppression, insecurity, fear and inequality. Muslims regard the Quran as the main miracle of Muhammad, the proof of his prophet hood . and the culmination of a series of divine messages that started, according to Islamic belief, with the messages revealed to Adam, regarded in Islam as the first prophet, and continued with the Suhuf Ibrahim (Scrolls of Abraham), the Tawrat (Torah or Pentateuch) of Moses, the Zabur (Tehillim or Book of Psalms) of David, and the Injil (Gospel) of Jesus. The Quran assumes familiarity with major narratives recounted in Jewish and Christian scriptures, summarizing some, dwelling at length on others and in some cases presenting alternative accounts and interpretations of events. The Quran describes itself as a book of guidance, sometimes offering detailed accounts of specific historical events, and often emphasizing the moral significance of an event over its narrative sequence. Muslims believe the Quran to be the book of divine guidance and direction for humanity and consider the text in its original Arabic to be the literal word of God, revealed to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel over a period of twenty-three years and view the Quran as God's final revelation to humanity Muslims maintain the present wording of the Quranic text corresponds exactly to that revealed to Muhammad himself: as the words of God, said to be delivered to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. Muslims consider the Quran to be a guide, a sign of the prophethood of Muhammad and the truth of the religion. They argue it is not possible for a human to produce a book like the Quran, as the Quran itself maintains. Muslims maintain the present wording of the Quranic text corresponds exactly to that revealed to Muhammad himself: as the words of God, said to be delivered to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. Muslims consider the Quran to be a guide, a sign of the prophet hood of Muhammad and the truth of the religion. It’s a holy book that must be recited and its teachings must be followed in our practical life to make our life blissful.Let us pay our reverence to this holy book!


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hank you very very much Sir..

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Adarniya sir ji aap ko malik permeshwer apni kripa ka patra banaye,sukh samridhi aur achhi swasth de aap ko.Ham Eshwer se iski bhi kamna karte hai ki wo aap ko Hamesha ke Nerk ke prakop se bacha kar swerg ka bhagidar banaye sir aap jaisi budhjivi sajjan purush ko.

May 18,2011
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Bishwa Nath Singh

I wonder as why price hike of Petrol was not carried out before going to Poll in few states where soon after Poll results were announced, hike of Rupees five were carried out all over the country.Is it not question mark on our democratic way of life?

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May 16,2011


Bishwa Nath Singh

The time passes away but memories remain always alive in one's heart.

..( Photo when boarding car to proceed on to destination)

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Bishwa Nath Singh Lest we forget!A good memoir!



May 16 ,2011

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