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Lord Krishna is our savior and omnipresent by Bishwa Nath Singh, Coordinator of Global Peace and Universal Brotherhood. as flashed on the f.b. on May 13,2011.

Lord Krishna is our savior and omnipresent by Bishwa Nath Singh, Coordinator of Global Peace and Universal Brotherhood.

(.by Bishwa Nath Singh on Friday, May 13, 2011 at 5:24am.)

Lord Krishna is universally known as the incarnation of the Almighty God according to Hinduism. He had taken birth on the earth to reduce the weight of the earth by diminishing wrong –doers who were on increase numerically.. He did this with the great battle of Mahabharata. In this battle millions were killed and earth became lighter. It’s true that when a virtuous person courageously undertakes a noble cause, it is inevitable that other people will extend their support. Lord Krishna as a holy person was a true representative of the hopes and aspirations of good people. He had won the hearts and minds of people in the past and continues to captivate even at present. He had never looked upon anyone as His enemy or as an object of hatred, not even the wicked. However, if people were found harming others, His name became a cause of immense terror, He destroyed them with sole objective to kindly brightness their hearts to do good to others so that they could acquire a much better life the next time. He had asserted that He came for pavitranaya sadhunam -- for the protection of the virtuous. The word sadhu ( saint) means a person who has lived his life honestly, who has not harmed others to further his own interests, and has worked for the welfare of others in every way. He is not required to be reborn on this earth. Lord Krishna, in His role as Warrior Arjuna's charioteer had said that He has come for the protection of sadhus ( saints). Only that person who lives in constant God-awareness can be called a sadhu. One who is not constantly absorbed in the thought of God cannot lead a fulfilled life for any length of time. Perhaps one can resist the temptation of having low profile but not of a high profile with modern amenities.. But this is not so with an ardent devotee of the Lord. Even if some one offers that person the emperorship of the universe, he will not accept it in exchange of the grace of Lord. Pavitranaya is the kind of relief whose beneficial effects continue to recur over an endless period of time Parthasarathi( charioteer) Krishna gave permanent assurance to righteous people that He would protect them. He wanted to help in such a way that all good people might find solutions for their mundane and spiritual problems, and get permanent relief from physical, mental and spiritual bondages. Lord Krishna had further said "Vinashaya dushkrutam". It means "for the destruction of the wicked". Here 'destruction' implies change of form. The change occurs, but this change is for the better. Those who cause harm to innocent people either out of self-interest or group-interest are called dirty linen of people. Such people are often seen as a burden to our civilized society. Lord Krishna had promised to incarnate Himself for the destruction of the wicked: not for their total annihilation, but to bring a change in them for the best. He had also stated "Dharma samstha panarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge". At certain times mere discourses do not suffice; even collective efforts cannot do anything; even a great number of people uniting together and forming an organization fail to do anything. Many will speak, but few listen and act. During such a crisis as godly person he himself comes to earth with the help of the five fundamental factors. He brings about a revolutionary change. For this purpose He incarnates Himself in the world again and again. For the restoration of dharma, Krishna give His assurance. The transitional point between the two flows is called yuga sandhi. One particular epoch ends and new set begin. At such a transitional period He arrived; so He said, "Sambhavami yuge yuge" -- "I incarnate Myself from age to age". Thus Krishna as Parthasarathi was the upholder of the hopes and aspirations of devotees. He drew everyone close to Him. He is the savior according to Hinduism. One can all Him when in deep distress and He is always in readiness to help that person to comes out from his/her miseries from woods.. This fact could be best revealed in the story of Draupadi. The story reads like this.Kauravas invited the Pandavas for a gambling match. In this match the Pandavs lost everything. In the end they put the bet on themselves and they lost that. After that they bet upon Draupadi and they lost her in the gamble. After Draupadi was lost, the rascal Dushasana brought her to the court, pulling her by her hair. Dushasana wanted to disrobe her. He therefore started pulling her sari ( clothes that she had put on to cover her body). Draupadi called her husbands to save her. As they had become slaves of Kauravas they could not help Draupadi. Draupadi then called for help from all the elders sitting in the court. But the elders’ including Bhishma maintained silence and did not get up to help her. Most of them had closed their eyes. None came forward to help Draupadi to rescue her. Then Draupadi called Lord Krishna to save her in her prayers by remembering Him. Lord Krishna lengthened her sari to infinite length. The rascal Dushasana kept pulling on the sari but after hours could not disrobe her. He got tired of the whole thing and retired. That man could not fulfill his desire to make Draupadi naked in front of everyone present in the court. Lord Krishna had helped Draupadi when no body had turned up to help her during that grat distress. Lord Krishna rushed up to her at a moment’s notice when Draupadi had prayed silently and called him for help. It is our common belief that if one has ardent faith in the lord and calls upon him in deep distress Lord Krishna always helps those who need Him as He had helped many other followers when they were in distress who had needed Him the most. Thus by all standards, one can call Lord Krishna as our true savior. Let us join to pay our humble obeisance to the lotus feet of Lord Krishna and offer our floral tribute to Him!

Enclosures: Three Photos :(1)Photo of Lord Krishna.(2)Photo of Cheer Haran of Draupdi by Dushashan. and (3)Photo of Lord Krishna along with Radha Rani.


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Bishwa Nath Singh :
-Lord Krishna is one of the most lovable Lord whom we adore. He has struck chords with both children and people at large belonging to all age groups. His divine activities continue to provide us bliss even after the elapse of very many centu...ries. He has found a permanent place in our hearts and minds. Though, He was born in prison but turned out to be the surest mean for any soul to attain permanent freedom from the circle of life and death. Let us join to pay our humble obeisance to His lotus feet and seek His bliss for well-being of all living-being of this universe!


May 13,2011.

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