Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A write-up on morning walk and good songs being enjoyable as flashed on the f.b. of May 31,2011

Bishwa Nath Singh
This morning while I was on the way to nearby park during course of my routine morning walk ,I could find two gentlemen each one playing most popular song of yester years different to one another on their mobile that took my memories back though those songs were very soothing to my ears.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( Photo of one who is on morning walk in the Park)

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Bishwa Nath Singh :
One was playing on his mobile a most popular song of yester years ‘Dhire Dhire Machal,Aiye Dile Bekrar Koi Ata Hai, Eun Tarap ke Nazar Pa Mujhe Bar Bar koi Ata Hai”( meaning thereby that some one who is the dearest and nearest seems to be coming to meet her in her imaginary thoughts)though it was very soothing to my ears especially at a time when I was missing my constant companion my Polly( most favorite Doggy who had parted my company over a month and half ago).No sooner ,it was finished, I could find another gentleman playing another song” Ye Zindagi Ke Mele Kabhi Kum Na Honge” ( meaning there by that though life being a complex one can be equated with fair whose number being unlimited)on his mobile. Taking a walk or a run every morning benefits one for his/her sound health and pleasant mood. It’s a very good exercise that one can take up that helps one burn more calories throughout the day. It also helps to increase one’s stamina and energy provided it is taken up daily as matters of routine exercise in the morning when one breathes in fresh air and begin his/her say with happy note.
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Dheeraj Kumar Singh:
I always enjoy reading ur comments or good piece of advice or blog...


May 31,2011.

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