Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tulsi had divine vision of Lord Ram through the grace of Lord Hanuman as flashed on the f.b. on May 19,2011

Bishwa Nath Singh

The great Indian Saints like Tulasidas who had written Ram Caharit Mamas had the divine vision of the Lord Ram through the grace of Lord Hanuman and that is how he had composed and authored that holy book in his local dialect Awadhi.In the epics of no other country has such an important character so powerful, learned and philosophic as of Lord Hanuman this is naked truth


..( Photo of Lord Hanuman)

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Bishwa Nath Singh :
May we always proclaim the victory to Lord Hanuman( Bajarang Bali Ki Jai) who has the strength of the thunderbolt!


Anil Kumar:
Sab Sukha Rahen Tumhaari Sharanaa !

Amar Singh Rana:
jAI jAI hANUMAN gOSAIN.. KRIPAA KRO gurudev kee naaeen???...Hauman jee has been settled in Trikuti of all persons ( Mor F) by His Highness Highest Command Malike-kul-aalam. .Parmaatmaa ...ji... amar singh rana paramsant parmguru the reality 21.5.2011.
May 19,2011.

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