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Radha is a legendary name of eternal love" by B.N. Singh, Coordinator of Global Peace and Universal Brotherhood.. as flashed on the f.b. on May 9,2011.

"Radha is a legendary name of eternal love" by B.N. Singh, Coordinator of Global Peace and Universal Brotherhood..
Radha also known as Vrishbhanu Nandini, Radhika, Radharani and Radhikarani was born to Sri Vrishbhanuji and Mata Kirti in the land of Barsana. The divine Goddess blessed this Earth by Her birth on the nuptial day of Ashtami of Bhadrapad Shukla Paksh. Radha Rani marks the existence of Sri Krishna, for she is his soul. Sri Krishna (to whom the trinity bows) himself bows to Radha’s feet where the trinity resides. Radha’s beauty, power and aura create the ethics of love. None of the scriptures consists of the power to verbalize her beauty, for it is clear enough that when beauty of Sri Krishna makes several hearts leave their boundaries, her beauty is so mesmerizing that it makes Him loose consciousness. Then it is practical that a thousand Kamas and Ratis are just soil particles before her. is the childhood friend and lover of Krishna in the Bhagavata Purana, and the Gita Govinda of the Vaisnava traditions of Hinduism]Radha is almost always depicted alongside Krishna and features prominently within the theology of today's Gaudiya Vaishnava sect, which regards Radha as the original Goddess or Shakti. Radha is also the principal object of worship in the Nimbarka Sampradaya, as Nimbarka, the founder of the tradition, declared that Radha and Krishna together constitute the absolute truth Radharani is sweeter than her beauty as she reins the world of love. Hence, one who chants her name before and along with Sri Krishna, for example- ‘ Radhakrishna’, is sure to reach Sri Krishna’s source full Bhakti. Usually we are told that Radharani was a Gopi who was most dear to Lord Krishna’s heart, but it is not true. In the world of Nikunj vrindavan, she is the empress of the world of Nikunj where Gopis and Sakhis serve her selflessly. Radharani is the soul of Radhavallabh Sampradaya. The reason and the inspiration of existence of Radhavallabh Sampradaya is the transcendental love filled bond of Radha and Sri Krishna. The supreme existence of Radharani is believed to be the soul of Sri Krishna Himself. Sri Krishna, the trinity ruler, who himself is said to be most handsome, charming and unbelievably brave, loved Radha immensely. The mystical world of nikunj is ruled by Radha and to enter the corridors of Nikunj one has to be blessed by her. Radha the symbol of pure love and the soul of Sri Krishna is very innocent and tender. But Radha cannot be easily approached because her aura is too mysterious to be understood by one. The world of Nikunja is based on the transcendental love filled endeavors of Radha and Sri Krishna. Holy land of Nikunja consists of four eternal parts which are: Radha, Sri Krishna, Vrindavan and the Sakhis. The world of Nikunja is untouched by the worldly materialistic illusions and selfish desires. Its every part for e.g.: the trees, river, soil flowers, birds etc are nurtured and nourished by the transcendental pure selfless love filled devotion of Radha and Sri Krishna. Radha is often referred to as Rādhārānī or "Radhika" in speech.. Radha is the source of the incarnations of Goddess Lakshmi.Sri Krishna, as told in the Mahabharata and the Bhagavata Purana, he spends much of his childhood in the company of young cow-herd girls, called Gopis in the village of Vrindavan. Krishna left his native place at the age of twelve for study at gurukul .The Mahabharata does not describe Krishna's earlier life in Vrindavan in much detail, and focuses more on the later battle of Kurukshetra but within the Bhagavata Purana the child-hood pastimes of Krishna are described very vividly. Within the Bhagavata Purana, Radha is not mentioned by name but is alluded to within the tenth chapter of the text as one of the gopis whom Krishna plays with during his upbringing as a young boy. Krishna left Vrindavan for Mathura at the age of ten years and seven months according to Bhagavata PuranaSo Radha is assumed to be also ten years old or less when Krishna left Vrindavan. As the legend goes, Radha ‘s marriage was arranged by her father with Aiyan who belonged to Kansha Army that was opposed tooth and nail by both Sri Krishna and Radha as well. .Balram was very angry to hear this news.' Krishna, what shall we do now? Radha has to be saved from her parents,' asked Balarama angrily. 'Her father is a wicked man. Shall I go and punish him for what he has done?''No, brother. Please leave it to me,' said Krishna. Things had reached a point at which they could not be allowed to continue as they were.Krishna went to Yashoda. 'Mother, I want you to send a message to Radha's mother,' he said with a smile.'What message?' Yashoda asked in surprise.'I want you to make an offer for Radha's hand,' said Krishna quietly.'Offer for her hand! She is already plighted in troth to Aiyan, and now he has returned from the wars,' she said with an indulgent smile. 'I don't want her to marry Aiyan,' said Krishna.Yashoda felt that Krishna was up to one of his tricks and laughed outright. 'Who is the bridegroom you have selected?''I have selected myself'.'What?' shouted Yashoda. For a moment she was too shocked to say anything. Then she added, 'You have gone mad. How can you marry Radha?''. Because I want to,' said Krishna with a smile which showed quiet confidence.'My son marrying that Vrishbhanu's daughter! Never, never! And she is older than you.' Yashoda could not believe that her son was serious in what he was saying.'What does that matter? Many men have married wives older than themselves,' Krishna replied.'Not my son, anyway. I should hate to have a daughter-in-law who was years older than my son.''But Radha looks upon you as a mother.''Don't talk nonsense. You have always been an obstinate boy, and I have all along yielded to your wishes. But I won't yield on this point. Radha's family is low-born. You are the chief; we have to find a chief's daughter for you. You can't marry Radha,' said Yashoda vehemently, in anger and exasperation.'Mother, you will lose a fine daughter-in-law,' said Krishna, trying to tease Yashoda. 'She would not make a fine daughter-in-law! She is a forward daring girl. This whole village talks about her forwardness. Such a daughter-in-law is worth losing.''And suppose you also lose your son? What then?' Krishna asked her in a quizzical way, but there was just the suspicion of a threat in his voice.Yashoda was upset and looked at her son uncertainly, 'Krishna, why do you behave like this? Go and ask your father, I am tired of you.''Oh, mother, don't say that. You never get tired of me - nor will you be tired of my wife when she comes. I am sure Vrishbhanu's daughter would kneel for your blessings morning and evening.''Don't be impertinent,' said Yashoda with a laugh. It was difficult to be angry with Krishna for long, she knew. 'Go to your father.'So Krishna went to his father and told him about the talk he had had with his mother. Nanda laughed uproariously. He thought that the whole thing was a huge joke.'You have been after the girls for so long that I am not surprised that you want one of them to be your wife.''Then you agree to ask mother to make the offer?' Krishna asked.'No, my boy, you cannot marry that low-bred girl. You are to marry a princess,' said Nanda with a laugh.'Can any princess be better than Vrishbhanu's daughter?''How many princesses have you met?''All the little gopis are princesses, perhaps better.'' Ah, you don't know,' said Nanda with a laugh. 'We are all cowherds. Why should not the daughter of a cowherd be good enough for me?''What about Aiyan? Whom will he marry?' Nanda tried to change the subject.'I leave him all the other girls in Vraja and even all in Mathura if he likes. Do listen, father. Please ask mother to broach the proposal for Vrishbhanu's daughter.''I can't, I can't, I can't,' replied Nanda, becoming serious.'Why can't you father?' asked Krishna submissively.'You are a clever boy. I cannot match my cleverness with yours. And you know I don't like to deny you anything. But I cannot agree to your marrying Radha, or for that matter, any gopi. Ask Gargacharya when he comes.'`And if he agrees to our marriage?'`He will not,' Said Nanda decidedly.`Suppose he does?'`Then I will withdraw my opposition. But I know he won't, he can't.'`I will talk to the Acharya when he comes to Vrindavan tomorrow for grandfather's anniversary,' said Krishna On the appointed day, as expected, Gargacharya came for the ceremony. There were three of his pupils with him and an honoured guest who was introduced as Acharya Sandipani together with four young men - two sons and two pupils. Sandipani was of middle age, a thin, tall, muscular man with bright eyes and a long, black beard.After they had been duly received by Nanda and his family, the Acharyas and their pupils went to the river for their bath. When they returned, they performed the ceremonies. Then the anniversary feast was held and it lasted till night.The next day when Nanda was with Garga and Sandipani, he called Krishna. Krishna fell at their feet and wiped the dust off their feet on his head as a sign of reverence.`Krishna, Acharya Sandipani is going to stay here with us. He will teach you how to read and write.'`As the venerable Father wishes,' replied Krishna, with folded hands. `Acharya is also an adept in arms. Would you like to learn how to wield arms?'`Why should I? I am not going to the wars.'`Who knows?' asked Nanda slyly, winking at Gargacharya. `Some day you might be a king.'`I would prefer to be with you, Father, and with Mother, and with our cows. And I would not like to leave the peace and beauty of Vrindavan.'`Son of Nanda, the Best of Munis wants you to bring peace and beauty wherever you are,' said Gargacharya.`Who is the Best of Munis?' asked Krishna.` Haven't you heard of him, of the great Veda Vyasa?' asked Sandipani.`I have heard very many things about him from the venerable Gargacharya. Some day, I will go to Kurukshetra and pay my respects to him.'`Now, my boy, out with your request. Here is Gargacharya. And here you are, too. You settle the matter between yourselves. I don't want to be troubled with your strange request,' said Nanda. He loved Krishna so much that he had no heart to deny him anything that he wanted.`What is Krishna's request?' asked Gargacharya. `He wants to marry Radha, the daughter of Vrishbhanu. You know him well. He comes of a low family. The girl is five years older than Krishna. And she is pledged to Aiyyan, who is in Kamsa's army. And you know, Acharya, he cannot marry her.'`Why can't I, venerable Guru?'`Because it is impossible,' said Garga. `That is what Father says. But if I may be pardoned for saying it, she wants to marry me and I want to marry her.''Marriage, my son, is not a matter of mere desire. That is a wicked way of mating,' said Gargacharya. `Men, who do not know dharma, follow in that way. But looks and temperaments, age and family, upbringing and the future, all have to be taken into account. Marriage is a solemn act, in which man and wife become one and pledge themselves to dharma.`Many people who marry do not take dharma into account. And what is adharma in my marrying Vrishbhanu's daughter?' asked Krishna. 'We gopas do things in that way.'`Gargacharya looked at Nanda meaningfully and then said slowly and with emphasis: `Krishna, nothing but the highest dharma is good enough for you.'Krishna looked at the old Acharya in surprise.`My son, I have watched over you with care from the moment of your birth. You were born to be the protector of dharma - as the Best of Munis has said,' said Gargacharya and looked towards Sandipani for his approval. `And that is what the gods have ordained.'Sandipani nodded. `That is why I am here,' he said.Krishna fixed an earnest look on Sandipani. 'What do you want me to do?' asked Krishna. He had no idea that his fate could be the concern of such venerable people. `We want you to be ready for your highest destiny,' said Gargacharya.Krishna looked at his father and found him again winking slyly at the Acharya.`My son, listen to me. Kansa has returned from the wars. Now he is wickeder than he ever was before. Your miraculous exploits will not remain long unknown to him. We look upon you as our redeemer,' said Gargacharya slowly, almost in a whisper. `Listen Krishna. You are notNanda's son. You are the son of Prince Vasudeva and Devaki, Prince Devaka's noble daughter, and so is Balarama. We have hidden you here, under Nanda's roof, to see you grow up strong and wise till the appointed day comes. Sage Narada has prophesied Kamsa's death at your hands. So has the venerable Veda Vyasa. We have lived only in that hope. Now Acharya Sandipani will prepare you for the new life that you will have to lead.' For some moments Krishna gazed at the sunlight which streamed in from the door. Evidently, he was trying to grasp the significance of the revelation made by Gargacharya.Then he spoke with frankness.` If you venerable Sir, will forgive me, let me live here as I have been living. I am a cowherd boy. I love Father and Mother. I love my cows and the woods and glades in which I wander and I worship Mount Govardhana. And I will remain as I am so long as I am not called away to be the deliverer.'`Will you always love me, my boy, when you are away?'`Always, Father, whatever happens to me. No one could have had a better father than I had. I shall always remain at your feet, your son.'`You may soon be called to Mathura,' said Gargacharya. `You have to deliver us all from the bondage of Kamsa. The Yadavas have been awaiting this deliverance these twenty-five years.'Gargacharya told Krishna about the events of the last twenty-five years. Krishna listened with absorbed interests, and a new light was in his eyes. `Tell my honoured father Vasudeva and my mother Devaki that I shall not fail them, and I shall not fail the venerable Acharya,' said Krishna. He then turned to Sandipani. `I shall always seek your blessing. But whilst I am here, please don't tell the people of Vrindavan know that I am not one of them. It would be very painful for them and me not to belong to each other any more.'Sandipani smiled assent.`You now know, my son, why you cannot marry Vrishbhanu's daughter,' said Nanda.Krishna was lost in thought. Then his brow cleared, and he looked at Gargacharya in the face. `Venerable Sir, you want me to deliver the Yadavas from adharma?'`Yes, my boy.'`Then is it right for me to start by forsaking dharma now?' asked Krishna.`We don't ask you to.'`You do,' said Krishna with a smile. `It was eight years ago when Vrishbhanu's daughter came to me as I lay helpless in the forest tied to the mortar. Since that time there has not been a day when she has not waited for me; there has never been a moment when the thought of me has not been in her mind. During these eight years she has never drawn a breath but to live in me. She has smiled only for me; she has sung songs only to offer them to me; she is happy only she talks of me; she feels transported when she hears the notes of my flute.'`Are you not exaggerating?' asked Garga.`No,' replied Krishna. "When I was struggling with Kaliya, some cried out in agony; she fell almost dead. If I had died, other hearts would have been broken, it is true; but she would have died that very moment.' Krishna paused and the two Acharyas were struck by the sincerity and eloquence with which he spoke. Then he continued" `And you want me to start becoming a protector of dharma by forsaking and killing - for she is sure to die if I reject her - Vrishbhanu's daughter who has given me her all?'Gargacharya opened his eyes wide. Tears of affection sprang into Nanda's eyes.`Son of Vasudeva, listen,' said Sandipani. `If you are snatched away from here - into power, strength and splendour - will this village girl be the same to you? Search your heart and speak the truth.'`Venerable Sir, I need not search for an answer,' replied Krishna without a moment's hesitation. "I live for all those who love me -father, Mother, my gopas and gopis, my cows and bulls. More so in the case of Vrishbhanu's daughter. She lives in me. I live in her - and I will do so always - wherever I may be. Without her, my flute will be silent. She is and will always be to me the spirit of joy -unchangingly ethereal and inspiring .'Gargacharya sat almost dazed at this flow of amazing eloquence. It seemed a pity to plan to educate this boy to make him fit to play the part of deliverer. His mind went back to the Muni's prophetic words.`Son of Vasudeva, let us think this matter over. Let me also consult the noble Vasudeva and Devaki, who have lived in you also these fifteen years.'`Venerable Sir, please do not do that,' said Krishna as he folded his hands. `Here is my father. My mother is in the next room churning milk. I want your blessings, Gurudeva, and theirs. I am only a cowherd boy, no more.'`But what will they say?`Tell them: If you want your son to protect dharma in the world, he can only do so if you let him perform the dharma which is nearest to him - to belong to a helpless milkmaid who has given him her all.'The others were silent. Then Krishna prostrated himself before Nanda. `father, Father, give me your blessing. Let me be married toVrishbhanu's daughter,' he entreated with humility.And old Nanda forgot his age and dignity and clung to his son sobbing like a little child. There is reason to believe that after Krishna had left for Mathura and later on Dwarika,Radha had not met Sri Krishna but she continued to love him immensely. Some school of thoughts believe that they had got married spiritually .Both of them believed in eternal love and that they carried out for their whole life and that is why they had become complimentary to each other.It is very rightly said that Radha is another name of eternal love that she carried all throughout her life with Sri Krishna without meeting him during her adulthood.

By Bishwa Nath Singh.

 ( Three Photos: 1.Photo of Painting of RadhaKrishna. 2.Picture of Radha. and 3.Photo of Radha in thinking mood.)

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Bishwa Nath Singh :
Radha’s love towards Sri Krishna was not just the relation between a man and woman. The feeling of this love was divine and phenomenal which gave this love a pious and holy form. The philosophical side of this reduces the distance of the s......upport and supportive, also the difference between the worshipper and worshipful is not there. Sri Krishna was the life of Vraj whereas Radha was the soul of Krishna. It is because of this reason that Radha was described as “Atma Tu Radhika Tasya” ( meaning Radha, you are His soul). One form of Radhawas that of an ardent devotee, worshipper of Sri Krishna and in the second form she is the worshipful, devoted by Krishna. ‘Aradhyate Asau itii Radha.’ ( meaning Radha being adored by Sri Krishna). Radha and Sri Krishna’s love were the symbol of the feeling of being united. When two souls are united, the difference of the other or the second vanishes. Radha’s father Vrsabhanu was construed by many as the king of cowherds Gop(Yadavas) Vrsabhanu was a partial incarnation of Lord Narayana while her mother Kalavati was a partial incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. ( Goddess of Wealth).Let us join to pay our humble obeisance to the lotus feet of both Sri Krishna and Radha Rani and seek their bliss for well-being of all living-being of this universe!

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Ranu Sharma :
beautiful description....Bishwa Nath ji

Kavita Kiran :
Admireble article in detail...n fotograps ralso Fascinating pictures

Nidhi Singh :
the love of radha has given da world a true meaning of true picture of love

Rakesh Kanwar:
i m impressed with this note and fully agreed,,,but i hv read some where that after separation radha ji once met in krushetra on surya grahan,,,,please clarify same also

Angesh Naipaul :
Very beautiful description of Shri Radha and Shri Krishna's love..Radhe is the love in my heart..the smile on my face..the soul of my soul...She is the love thlat my heart posses for the divine...She is my beloved Radheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....Jai Hoo..

Bishwa Nath Singh:
‎@ Rakesh Ji!As far as I know that ever since Lord Krishna had parted company of Radha for going to Mathura on the call of Kansa and later on proceeded to Dwarka from there, they had not met each other as person but they loved each other immensely and carried out their eternal love .

May 9,2011

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