Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An unfair compliment “ Andher Nagri ,Chaupat Raja” to Nitish Kumar as flashed by me on the f.b. of May 30,2011

Bishwa Nath Singh
Well, it will be the most unfair compliment “ Andher Nagri ,Chaupat Raja” ( appearing in media the idiom usually used in a very bad sense ) to Nitish Kumar who is presently the Chief Minister of Bihar State of India.


( Picture of Nitish Kumar)

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Bishwa Nath Singh:

Had it been so, the Party led by Nitish Kumar JDU-BJP combine could not have won with four-fifth majority in Bihar Assembly that had gone to poll in November 2010.! National Democratic Alliance in the State headed by Nitish Kumar had w...on two hundred six seats while Rashtriya Janta Dal headed by Laloo Prasad Yadav won twenty two seats. No party there had won enough seats to represent the opposition in the state assembly, which requires at least twenty five seats to become eligible to represent the main opposition party. His popularity could not be tarnished by sporadic one or two incidence taking place in the State. He is known for his clean administration. His Statesmanship owns respect from his bitter opponents and from all political parties. For the first time electorates had witnessed high turnout of women and young voters, while this election has been rated as the fairest 2010 election, with no bloodshed or poll violence. As the Chief Minister, he has gained popularity by initiating a series of developmental and constructive activities including building of long-delayed bridges, re-laying roads that had ceased to exist, appointing school teachers on massive scale ensuring team of medical doctors worked in primary health centers besides keeping crime under control.Let us wish Nitish Kumar all grand success in his long and happy life!

SAnil Kumar :
I ngaratulate Nitish ji for his devotion & wish him all the success in his long life.

Col Yogeshwar Dayal:
“ Andher Nagri ,Chaupat Raja” actually this phrase, is more aptly applicable on the Govt. of India, as on today


May 31,2011

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