Thursday, September 9, 2010

A brief note on Rahul Gandhi & Priyanka (Gandhi) Vadra as flashed by me on f.b of Sept. 10,2010

Bishwanath Singh: Less we say about qualities, passion, wisdom & kindness-all combine in one in case of Rahul Gandhi & his sister Priyanka (Gandhi) Vadra better will be as they are above our imaginations and beyond any description!

--You, Anandrahi Js, Shama Daniel Ghai and 2 others like this..
Bishwanath Singh: Priyanka (Gandhi)Vadra being an eloquent speaker having charming personality is always in great demand in different constituencies where poll is held to visit and address public as vote catcher to help win her Party candidature.Let me wish her all the best in her long & happy married life!
Sept. 10,2010.

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