Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rahul Gandhi emphasised to defeat communal forces as flashed on the f.b on September 29,2010.

Bishwanath Singh :Rahul Gandhi though born with golden spoon in his mouth but has great feelings for commoners with whom he is very friendly and in return, all adore and hold him lovingly.. He is a man of simple living with high thinking with full of passion & wisdom. He has a very great future provided he remains away from sycophants and was not mislead by them who in stead of delivering goods will be harmful for his cause

Rahul Gandhi asked the partymen to ensure defeat of communal forces through democratic and Gandhian ...way.

Misuse of developmental funds ,

congress party at the centre is well aware of the problems faced by the

poor, down trodden, unemployed youth and weavers and so schemes like

MNREGA, RTI, Education for all are devised but the money sent by Centre

doesn’t reach to the people targeted. “When you ask villagers in Bihar and UP as

how many of them want jobs, half of them raise their hands but when ask

them how many of them have job-cards under NREGA, none raises ones,” Congress party would change the politics in Bihar and UP with the power of youth.

“We are

committed for development in Bihar and UP and ample employment opportunity for

the youth here and our party’s politics is based on these”

Rahul Gandhi

September 27,2010.

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