Friday, September 24, 2010

A true facet of Priyanka (Gandhi) Vadra as flashed by me on the f.b. on September 25,2010.

Bishwanath Singh :There are no dearth of good people at & around but the only thing is as how many of us are concerned on such issues that is the point as we have become so self-centered grossly engaged for our own interest hardly caring interest for others. The human rights are for all not for any individual. Any one when he feels tha...t in his/her case, there has been violation of it, he/she is free to move to the commission to redress. If one takes lead for a common cause, the strength of actual supporters will be very few at times dismal but later on, realizing this hard core truth, strength of followers go on mounting day by day. Priyanka (Gandhi)Vadra is no exception to this thumb rule but she has a large followers of her own. Priyanka (Gandhi)Vadra being an eloquent speaker having charming personality is always in great demand in different constituencies where poll is held in our country to visit and address public as vote catcher to help win her Party candidature. Though, she prefers to remain at the lowest ebb in Indian Politics and prefer to remain a back-bencher but she has many followers of her own .She is an asst to her loving mother, brother and family of her own. She is often referred as a true replica of her grand mother who had ruled over hearts of billions in our country for many years in the past and the world wept on her tragic demise. Less we say about qualities, passion, wisdom & kindness-all combine in one in case of Priyanka (Gandhi) Vadra better will be as she is above our imaginations and beyond any description! Any one who comes in contact with her is bound to be impressed by her excellent behavior and pleasing manners. Let me join many like me to wish her all the best in her married life and hope to be the most shinning star of our motherland in near future!
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Bishwanath Singh Let me wish her all the best in her long & happy married life!


September 25,2010.

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