Friday, September 17, 2010

A comment on why Parents & old people are being neglected in modern era as flashed by me on the f.b. on 17.9.2010

Bishwanath Singh: It 's appropriate time to ponder over as why Parents & old pepole are being neglected by the presnt generation during this space age.Though, we are living in space age, but the greatest tragedy one comes across that our present generation has started neglecting their Parents very badly who had nurtured and groomed th...em without caring for their own care & comforts. It has been our tradition to shower all our love & affection to old people ,infirm and women as whole but the concept has changed now and we find everything in reverse order. Whether one travels by train or bus, it is almost seen every now & then that no body cares for the comforts of old people, infirm & women. Let us judge as why it is so! To judge self is thing of paramount importance but how to judge oneself is the biggest problem that societies face today. One has to be self-reliant instead of depending on others for everything that we see around and here lies the fallacy. One has to be morally very strong and must inherit ethical values in one's life, if he/she is keen to have perfection in his/her life. So long, we follow the path of truth, non-violence and inherit passion and wisdom in our life, we are bound to have most likeable life. Perhaps, one may the greatest fool of this universe who does not love his/her Parents who take utmost care after birth of their children, groom them well so that they could rise on their own feet without caring for their own comforts.. The Parents are supposed to be the greatest teacher for their children in this universe who teach them basic values of life besides basic knowledge of alphabets and elementary arithmetic. The Parents devote maximum time to look after comforts of their children When the children are sick, Parents keep awake for the whole night nursing them so well that paid nurses feel envious of them. We are in computer age where children are noticed usually playing with their remotes and switching on mostly on cartoon films and playing video games in their close door compartment having scanty care of their parents advice or instructions. The Parents always render good and meaningful advice to their children irrespective of their age.. Instead of playing various games in open field and enjoying cool breeze of fresh air in the park or garden, now a days ,children especially youth prefer to sit in the room and watch TV & play video games. Though, inhaling of fresh air is very good for one’s lung and physical body, but even though children of modern era are usually seen avoiding it for sake of their video games or watching cartoon films. Hardly they care to watch religious films or serials that can enrich their moral & ethical values! It is high time that we must ponder over all these issues and instead of sending Parents to old age home, they must look after their comforts as they had cared for them earlier. The trouble is that in modern era, our present generation is getting detached from a sense of strong affection and attachment that they could had for their Parents as they are drifting away from the real concept of love & affection though the word love is referred to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from generic pleasure. It is time that our present generation should correct themselves in their behavior and attitude towards their Parents and shower all love ,affection and respect on them so that they could be called their blessed children.In olden days, the people attached lot of importance to the joint family system and human values that are gradually diminishing that must be revived .Let us pay our humble obeisance to lotus feet of our Parents who love us the most and seek their bliss for well-being of all living -being of this world!

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Bishwanath Singh In this Photograph, one can see a most loving Parents as how nicely being taken care of properly by their loving grown-up children, Igor & Lida.

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Sarah Elswick I agree some many persons have forgotten about their parents as they get old, and have shoved them into nursing homes, well especially in th west, and so I was happy to have experienced INdian culture although changing some, the value of family is still strong, and I agree completely with it, elders should be respected and look up at, they have the knowledge to pass on to us .
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September 17,2010.

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