Saturday, September 25, 2010

My comment on the note of Poetry N Art ‎as flashed on the f.b. on September 25,2010.

Poetry N Art ‎...commonwealth games mess...

na tab koi bachaney aya tha..
na aaj koi bachaney aya hai..
woh mujhe DROPADI bulatey they
yeh mujhe BHARAT MATA kehtey hain
Comments of Bishwanath Singh:
Bishwanath Singh: Let us wait & watch for good outcome!, Whenever honor of a lady is likely to be adversely affected by some miscreants, certainly some one like Lord Krishna is bound descend on this worldly earth to save honor of that lady and punish the culprits provided she has full faith in the Almighty God who is our Savior & omnipresent and remember Him during her distress. One must not look at the dark side of a thing ! One should always remember that a big future awaits for every one who is humble servant of God.
September 25,2010.

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