Saturday, September 25, 2010

Some valuable thoughts shared by me on the f.b. on September 25,2010.

Bishwanath Singh Let our life be like Jesus who was very friendly towards all others!
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Bishwanath Singh: Our obeisance's to the lotus feet of Jesus Christ who lived and died for welfare of people at large!

 Shama Daniel Ghai amen
Bishwanath Singh Let us try to make our life as clouds in sky,when it is hurt,rains to make others to survive well!
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Bishwanath Singh :But none can deny that when it rains,the whole weather is changed from warm to cool and gives new lease of life to our standing crops ,plants & trees.

 Shama Daniel Ghai: beautiful saying
Bishwanath Singh :Let us live with purpose in our life and love others with passion to win them over!

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Bishwanath Singh Let us live unto it to have success in our life!
Bishwanath Singh :If I am not mistaken,the patient and regular practice & care are the whole secret of spiritual realization in one's life. Let us not be in a hurry in spiritual life rather do our utmost, and leave the rest to mercy of the Almighty God who is our Savior and omnipresent!

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Bishwanath Singh :Let us pay our humle obeisance's to the lotus feet of Lord Keshav who is the greatest healer of our wounds and Savior of mankind as whole!
  Bishwanath Singh: Let us ponder over it as one is not human beings in true sense having a spiritual experience rather he/she is spiritual being having a human experience by Godly bliss.! 
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Bishwanath Singh :Instead of repenting for one's past deeds,he/she should strive hard to make present the best and plan for better future for tomorrow. 
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Anil Kumar ‎"Jiyo aaj me, soncho kal ki"
September 25 ,2010.

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