Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A note on 2010 Common Wealth Games as flashed by me on the f.b . on September 29,2010.

Bishwanath Singh :Let us pray for grand success of the Common wealth -2010 games that is begin at New Delhi in a few days time! The success of the said game squarely depends on teams participating in the game from commonwealth countries and also on the pub...lic at large and media too as how best they project the success of the game wit...hout any prejudice. Indians by and large are known widely for their hospitality and generosity. All our country men are in readiness to accord rousing welcome to all visiting teams. Let us wish them all the best and best of their stay at New Delhi and have nice time there enjoying Indian foods & marketing there and sight seeing in near vicinity if time permits them!

Congratulation India

for 2010 Common Wealth Games

“We are here for

...glories we are not here for discussing failure stories”

First of all, I want

to welcome my all Face Book friends in this post. I don’t know why 2010 Games

are coming near and our people are still discussing our failures rather than

preparing for celebrations. I think this is because of media, which have distorted

the image of this Game and made this show a show of blames instead of show of

Games. And our people are so fond of discussing failures that they forgot about

our achievements while discussing negatives. The failure of Construction

Companies does not mean India fails. Failure as part of some environmental

issues does not means India fails. We achieved and we made I don’t say with

perfection but we made only that much I know. I don’t know why people only saw

when bridge collapsed but they forget to see at the time when our military have

constructed a new bridge within a few days. I don’t know why people saw the

charges of corruption but they forget to see the performances of our folk

artists during welcome ceremonies. I don’t know why people blamed government

for misappropriation of funds but they forget to see the contribution of public

towards these funds. As per as bridge is concerned every bridge will collapse

one day. As per as corruption is concerned I want to say nothing will happen if

we discuss decease instead of finding cures. The cure of every decease hidden

inside in its roots not in outcomes so try to find out roots inside us and also

try to destroy them but firstly own roots then think about others. And as per

as funds are concerned even we don’t know how to spend money ask yourself how

wisely you spend your money when you are in market so I think spending money at

national level is also not a matter of fun.

With these words, I

want to stop now. But my request to my all friends please do not distort our

countries image at least here at social networking site as per as the

informations of media unless or until you have seen the venues of the Games

yourself. Because “we are here for love& glories not for discussing failure

By:Aanand Hasil

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Bishwanath Singh Let us wish 2010 Common Wealth Games all success in its venture!

Anil Budhiraja Totally agree with U let us put the past events behind us and move forward wth a prayer that all shud go well!!!
September 29,2010.

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